Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The news tonight

In cat news: Sirius is holding his own. The steroids are making him eat more, if nothing else.

Cassie is fine. She's disappointed that Sirius is taking more interest in Dreamies cat treats, which means fewer for her.

In architecture news: Mr L and I didn't think much of these new flats that we came across the other day on our walk home from my piano lesson. The green stripes would look nice on a patchwork quilt, we felt, but not on Edinburgh flats and especially not with the multi-shade grey slate (is it?) and the tan wood.

In Granddaughter news: she's now 16 pounds something, at 16 weeks. Considering that her big brother weighed 17 pounds when he was 6 months old, we're awed. All on breast milk, too.

(What are you suggesting? says Granddaughter.)

 (I hope you're not suggesting that I'm fat. I like to think of myself as cuddly.)

(Mind you, gravity doesn't do much for my chin line, does it?)


  1. Certainly a robust little girl! And I agree with you about those flats---hideous. Doesn't Edinburgh have anyone in charge of preventing monstrosities like that from sprouting in the landscape?

  2. Absolutely adorable!

  3. She's adorable Isabelle! Just wait until she's mobile -- those pounds will melt away as she chases after her big brother.

    And you mentioned "we" on the walk home from piano lessons -- does Mr. Life go to piano with you? Very commendable!!!

  4. No no! He meets me for coffee afterwards and then we walk home!

  5. She's a beautiful, happy baby. My grand-daughter is (nearly) 16lbs at eight months, and I try not to worry because she is also a beautiful, happy baby.

  6. Goodness me! A dainty girl... unlike our little podge...

  7. Anonymous10:46 pm

    beautiful! they are all different, and they are all adorable. ann.

  8. She is wonderful, that granddaughter of yours! What an interesting person she is going to become!

    And I don't like those apartment buildings, either. It should not be allowed. Perhaps they will plant many trees along the edge above the path and hide them?

  9. Such a very happy looking baby !
    As for the ugly flats ? Well , however it's "prettied up" , a block of flats is a block of flats ....