Monday, January 06, 2014

Comings and goings

Here are Son and Daughter-in-Law, off this afternoon to New Zealand for three weeks. They decided on returning to NZ because they liked it so much when they were there during their final year of university. I'm happy that they're having a good break (well-deserved) but will be happier once they're safely there. I think we managed to infect them with Granddaughter's cold over Christmas (alas) - Granddaughter kindly passed it on to her mum, Mr L and me and now the travellers have got it. However, we hope that it'll wear off long before their holiday is over.

Three weeks of summer instead of three weeks of winter. Not a bad idea, really.

Daughter 2 and Son-in-Law 2 moved into their new flat in London on Saturday. We're pleased that they're living in nicer accommodation but the heart sinks to feel that they're properly settled in London now. And the next friend who tells me that it would be worse if they were in Australia ("At least they're still in Britain") may just find that I do not reply in my usual polite fashion. I wonder what these people say to those whose children do go to Australia (or somewhere equally distant).

"At least" is never a good beginning to a sentence responding to woes. "At least they didn't steal your passport as well as your money and your credit cards." "At least you've still got one leg." "At least only half your house is underwater."

(At least let me stand on your foot, o unhelpful comforter.)


  1. What a pleasant place to go for a holiday........ I think there is quite a bit of rain forecast unfortunately...but it is warm.
    I don't remember that he ( they ) were at University here. ( in Dunedin? )

    Yes, Please I would love any recipes you recommend.

  2. No, they were working in hospital in Nelson.

  3. NZ is beautiful! Ah well, at least they are on the same planet......*grin*

  4. It is hard not to feel bereft. My daughter had just moved, and I feel dreadfully sad, even though I know it is best for her and the children.
    It is strange but when my older sister, and then I got married, in the same year, all those years ago, I never had any sense that my parents felt at all bereft. There were still five of the children at home.

  5. at least i am not gonna write "at least" ... ha ha ha!!!

    how about "you never know", instead?!? because, seriously, you never know...

  6. Very jealous, both of going to NZ and having a bit of summer..... Minus 10F here, though it has stopped snowing, hope you are happy with the amount, Anna, grin!

    *At least they are in the States* doesn't really work here as the Cowboys are 2 thousand miles away least I don't need a passport to visit them.

    Seriously, though, you do have the littles close by and since they are the ones that change the most...... And daughter 2 comes up to Edinburgh quite often.......

  7. Well, I'm going to have to comment on your other comments.


    Ali: I think we'd all be happy with some recipe recommendations.
    Jennifer: Even though she used the dreaded "at least", she might actually have a point. I heard the other day that they are starting to create lists of names of people to move to Mars. It would be a one way trip, least, indeed.
    Dianne: Hmmm, she wrote at least twice, despite promising not to....
    Gillie, sweet Gillie: I'm delighted with the snow amount we have tonight -- even though we're now at -18F and won't even reach 0F tomorrow. Apparently it's the price that must be paid for beautiful snow.
    Now, I'll go stomp on her foot for you for giving you TWO "at leasts" even though she didn't type "at least".

    I feel your pain and I hope DD2 and Son both move back to Edinburgh SOON!

  8. Oh my goodness, you have grandchildren since I last blogged. Congrats to you! I'm still waiting.

    I'm also blogging again. My life has provided a lot to write about. Come visit Yummers!

    Hugs to you and your kitties.

  9. Ha! At least they're not in Kazakhstan!

  10. I'm afraid I do envy you having your children so close, though it may not seem it to you. Our only child lives 600 miles away and over Christmas told us that she may be accepting a job in Japan, I'm heartbroken

  11. haha. You must be my identical twin!

  12. Are they going back to Nelson? My sister in law is from Motueka and it is such a beautiful part of the world. I hope they have a lovely time!

  13. Apparently my Mum was bereft when I left home at 24 to move to a flat 5 minutes away! She told me many years later how she had felt about it.

  14. '"At least" is never a good beginning to a sentence responding to woes.'

    That is so true.

    Actually, my nephew really did move to Kazakhstan for a while. Now he's in Tibet. But at least I didn't give birth to him.

  15. The Lass12:37 pm

    Big hugs to you! Must find a way to keep my children small. I cannot imagine ever living far away from them :/ I hope our Christmas card got to you ok.