Saturday, January 04, 2014

Granny is pleased

Grandson and I had a trip to the museum and shared a scone. When he'd finished, he wiped his mouth with his napkin. Sophistication.

He looked at this picture of a locomotive. "Can't get in that picture," he observed. True.

Then, in a part of the museum where I'd never taken him before -

Me: That's a big pot.
Him: It's a cauldron.

Can't argue with that.

On the way home, he narrated the journey as usual, but with changes. "Granny is turning left" and "Granny is turning right." Accuracy: 100% (which, considering that his mother still has to pause and consider which hand is which, is quite impressive).

And "That's a number fourteen bus... that's a number twenty-two bus." Right both times.

We came home and enjoyed playing in the castle. When it was time to go home to bed, he was slightly reluctant. "Stay at Granny's house?" he suggested. However, he agreed to get his jacket on and climb into the car.

"If Mummy asks if you've been a good boy," I told him, "I'll say...?"

"Yes," he said. Then, with a note of complacency, he murmured to himself, "Granny is pleased."

Oh, it's so interesting to see all this happening in his nearly-two-and-a-half-year-old brain. Love you lots, little N!


  1. A fascinating age for grandchildren. Enjoy!

  2. Well done little N.
    Talking to and with and listening too young ones is so important. He's one smart wee chap. ( good genes! )

  3. There`s a lot for Granny to be pleased about!
    He`s a lucky lad to have such good times with you.

  4. What a lucid and observant child he is. So interested and interesting!

  5. And very interesting to be watching from the sidelines.

  6. Isn't it amazing how the language skills improve? My granddaughter (3and half) never creases to amaze me with her vocabulary . I am sure that it is the TV ! I would never have even heard of a cauldron at that age! ( No TV at home til I was 14)

  7. You have a very bright one there!

  8. What a very bright little boy! His language skills are quite advanced.

  9. How very bright already! So impressive! I love that age/stage, when they are learning and taking in so much!

  10. And so you should be! What a lovely and obviously very intelligent little boy!

  11. The development of language is nothing short of magic at this stage. I remember being determined to make a proper record of my small children, and finding it impossible! It's lovely that you keep this record for him.

  12. and look - there is PLENTY of room for that tent now!!!

    LuLu loves our little tent - she can escape from her baby brother (who has taken to biting whenever he pleases - no, his nonna is NOT pleased) and take a break from the Big World when it get to be too much for her...

  13. Ohmygosh! What a little doll - not to even mention brilliant! He must keep you infinitely entertained. I definitely need to come back now that he is talking!!!

    You guys should all start studying now to keep up with your little cutie!!!

  14. I think this is the same tent my grandson Stephen has. Is it from IKEA?