Thursday, January 02, 2014


Well. So that was that. It's only January 2 but I feel Christmas and New Year are pretty well over.

It was all very nice indeed. On the night of the ruby wedding party there were ten of us sleeping in the house, which was a bit of a squeeze. We have four bedrooms and two bathrooms (two bathrooms are not quite enough for ten, we've concluded, though better than one) - and a new fancy-pants blow up bed for the sitting room. This fell to the lot of Son and Daughter-in-Law since they were only staying for two nights at that point. By the time they returned for New Year, Niece and Nephew had departed so there was a bedroom available again.

Much food has been consumed. Various silly games have been played. There has been considerable cuddling of Grandson and Granddaughter (who continues to sleep through the night, hurray hurray, despite having a flowing cold now).

My brother and sister-in-law brought Grandson this tent, which is pointed and looks rather like something that Henry V might have slept in before the Battle of Agincourt. Or possibly it's supposed to be a Big Top. Anyway, he was delighted. "A castle for me!" he exclaimed, and took some of his traffic jams inside. The sitting room, which had a sofa brought from the living room for extra seating as well as its normal furniture, a Christmas tree, many toys on the floor and rather a lot of family members sitting around, didn't perhaps quite need a tent in it as well. Daughter 1 and Son-in-Law 1 have kindly decided that they don't have room for it so it can stay here. Hmm. However, it folds up and he really likes it so that's fine. Yesterday, we had his other grandparents with us so though we missed Niece and Nephew, there were 11 of us plus the two littles at dinner, which was lovely.

Today, however, alas... . They've all gone. Daughter 2, who's been with us since before Christmas, departed before dawn this morning. Brother and Sister-in-Law went away at 10 and Son and DIL at about 2pm. The house is very quiet. The washing machine has been much in use. I bless the inventor of the automatic washing machine. I trust he's in heaven, waited on by angels. (Unless he's still alive, of course.)

Daughter 2 and her husband are about to move from their rented flat in London to a flat that they've bought. They get the keys tomorrow and move in on Saturday. She's very excited but it's a busy time and I'm sure they'll be exhausted. Fingers crossed that they still like their new flat when they see it again. The rented one is damp and their neighbour plays very loud rock music, so we're hoping that this one is at least quiet and dry. It's also bigger, with an extra bedroom, and looks more stylish in the pictures, though is further out of the centre of town. Thinking of you, D2, and missing you as always.

I'm off to take down bits of tinsel and baubles and things. I want to get the house straight again and do some dusting. Bah humbug.

I hope all bloggy friends and lurkers had a good time over the festive season.


  1. Happy New Year, Isabelle.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful festive season and very special with your Ruby Wedding at the same time.

    The Agincourt tent is very smart! When our youngest was six, he watched the Kenneth Branagh version of Henry V and became quite obsessed. He learned the St Crispin`s Day speech by rewinding the video again and again ( and still remembers most of it twenty odd years later). He would have loved that tent! I`m sure your grandson will have many happy hours in it.

    I hope all goes well with your daughter`s new flat. What an exciting way to spend the first week of a New Year, in your own first home.

  3. Good luck to D2 with her move. I feel her pain about the next week or so but it will be well worth it.

    It sounds as though you've had a lovely, busy time but it does make it noticeably quiet when every leaves.

    Happy New Year to all the Lifes. L x

  4. I too thank the inventor of the washing machine...and electric power that runs many other useful time saving appliances.
    Have you perhaps got some "feed lots of people vegetarian recipes" to share? That is the part of family gatherings I find most difficult...making protein rich dishes with no meat. I have started a new recipe book just for that purpose as it is going to be an on going part of feeding my greater family from now on. ( I have made great strides already but need a bigger repertoire )( I also have to fed 2 that eat only whole foods - nothing processed. )

  5. Congratulations on your ruby wedding! An amazing achievement these days. By the way, your family have some interesting names - like something out of "1984". Daughter 1, Daughter 2 etc. But it might have been easier for them if you had provided proper christian names like Kylie and Chardonnay or Elsie and Doreen.

  6. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! We celebrate our 30th next month.

    I sympathise with that "now they've all gone" feeling.

  7. Sounds like you had the very best of holidays, house full of family, what could be better? I love the tent and would have loved to have played in it as a child.

  8. What a wonderful time you have all been having together! My youngest grandson has a tent in his bedroom which he loves playing with, though he often knocks it on its side. I had a wonderful holiday time visiting with one daughter and now am back and spent most of yesterday with my other daughter and grandson. You and your husband are very blessed to be celebrating your Ruby Anniversary!

  9. Happy New Year! I imagine it seems even more quiet once they were there and now they've gone. Hoping it is enjoyable and restful, if only for a bit. Also hope you had an easy time removing the bits and baubles! :) Hugs!