Sunday, January 12, 2014


Feeling a bit down tonight so to divert myself, I'm posting pictures of Grandson and Granddaughter, both at 10 months, to see if they look like each other. Before doing this, I would have said that they didn't. Now I think they do, a bit. (I'm sure this seems ridiculous to those not particularly interested in babies, to whom all babies look the same.) The boy's ears stick out more (though this doesn't show at all now he has hair), his eyebrows are more marked and his eyes look bigger here. Also Granddaughter's eyes are a lovely bright blue, while his were darker blue when he was tiny and more tending towards hazel by the time he got a bit bigger. She's also darker haired and indeed her hair is thicker at this age than his was.

The more I look at them, the less alike they seem.

Her eyes remind me of my dad's. He and his sister, my latterly confused aunt, both had beautifully bright blue eyes.

I do wish my parents could have seen the children. Well, my mother did see Grandson; he was nearly thirteen months old when she died. She absolutely doted on him. As do we all.

Doting is a good thing for grandparents to do, I think. My maternal grandmother thought that my brother and I were perfect, and even though we knew we weren't, it's soothing to have that unconditional approval. My maternal grandfather was less easily impressed. I never knew my father's father, and my father's mother moved down south when I was five (I think) so I never knew her well. Then she developed dementia not long afterwards. She had lovely blue eyes too.

Ah well. Piano practice beckons.


  1. Aren't genetics fascinating? I think they look very alike - the face shape is similar. And the smile of course, but most ten month olds have that wonderful grin. Sheer delight with the world!

  2. You can tell they are in the same family but they have very individual faces. Lovely, happy babies.

  3. they are lovely younglings ... and a great legacy for you and your parents and grandparents...

    my oldest brother has bright blue eyes - neither of his kids do, so i guess that will end with him ... which is very sad because his eyes are his sweetest feature...

  4. what beautiful grandchildren! babies are so precious. especially the ones you can send home when they get crabby! i have yet to be blessed with grandkids, but my daughter's boyfriend has a 6 year old that i get to play with occasionally. daughter is busy getting her career in order and son is not really ready for settling down yet. at least not that i know of!

    thanks for commenting on my blog earlier. that quilt i'm working on has been in the 'to do' pile for quite a few years. it has sooooo many small pieces it was overwhelming. i'm glad i finally have it to this stage at least. there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    don't underestimate your quilting abilities. you could make anything you wanted if you set your mind to it!

  5. Those grandbabies are so darn cute Isabelle -- and I do think they look an awful lot alike. I think the grandparent/grandchild relationship is one of the very best there is -- as you said -- that unconditional love. It's something pretty amazing!

  6. I think you can tell they're related, but they each have their own look.