Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Life going on

Thank you, bloggy friends and commenters, for your kind sympathy for the loss of our furry friend. It is actually comforting - the kind words of people who don't know you but take the trouble to type some words of consolation. Similarly, lots of Facebook friends (some of whom I know only through blogs and some of whom are my actual friends) said nice things and that helped too. As did other friends. And Daughter 2 sent us some lovely flowers. 

We're trying to get used to Cassie's absence. It's working a bit. Daughter 2 came home at the weekend and invented several games for Grandson. I think she was being a cow here and he was riding on her. I can't quite remember why she was a cow rather than a horse. She's a very good auntie.

And on Saturday they all came to us, including Son and Daughter-in-Law, and we missed Cassie (and Sirius) collectively. Sigh. Granddaughter hasn't noticed her absence yet, or at least she hasn't said anything. Grandson has, but not at length. 

We did have a Sirius conversation in the car a few weeks ago, though, as I was negotiating the one-way system round Tollcross.

Grandson: Where did Sirius go?
Me [nervously - how do you explain death to a 3 year-old?]: Well, he died.
G: But where is he now?
Me: He isn't anywhere. There isn't a Sirius any more.
G: But who has him?
Me: No one. 
G: But I want him to come back.
Me: So do I. But I'm afraid he won't.
G: [without a pause]: But I wanted you to go down Grove Street.
Me: Oh, this way is just as good.

And that seemed to be the crisis over. Phew. I think. 

The bruise has almost gone.

Yesterday Mr Life and I went for a walk in Stockbridge. Life must go on. 

But we certainly miss the furry presence round the house.


  1. The loss will become less intense over time. Start on your quilt to keep your mind busy....On second thought it might not be the best idea as you may miss Cassie even more! I can imagine that she might have been very interested in "helping" you to sew... Sigh...

    The walking sounds good. I wish we had a beautiful historic place to walk. All I can manage is around my boring suburban block.

  2. I am very impressed that Grandson knows the street names! My son was like that at an early age, but my daughter, now a teen, still has no idea where anything is. Thank goodness for GPS.

    Discussions of death with children are never easy. My children lost a 3-year-old cousin when they themselves were 6 and 4. Those reassurances adults fall back on to explain to young children that people die when they are very old didn't really work in that situation. To further complicate things, it wasn't enough for them to know she had cancer, they wanted to know what exactly the cancer did to her that made her body stop working. Those were not fun discussions, but the more they knew, the less they seemed to worry about it.

    Sorry for the cheery comment. I really just wanted to say something about the street names, but then the rest just came out.

  3. Love your new Header and the lovely flowers from Daughter.
    I enjoy hearing your conversations with Little N.
    Kids aren't always asking what you think they are asking. It sounds like you were sensible and didn't mention Vets or getting sick or anything he could mull over and worry about.( not an easy conversation )
    Chin up,. They were beautiful puss cats and you have lovely memories and photos of them to keep forever.

  4. You and Grandson seem to have handled a tricksy conversation very well indeed. I'm glad you're being comforted.

  5. Grandson is just the sweetest thing ever. Those babies are going to love that you have preserved some of their young conversations. I love reading about them. And little L is growing so quickly -- she's almost not a baby anymore! Soon you'll be recounting her deep conversations too. I can't wait!

  6. Somehow I missed your last post......Isabelle, I am so sorry you have lost Cassie too. People say "they are only animals", but when we stop caring for and about animals is when we stop being human. I can understand your feeling in not wanting another cat.

  7. Life must indeed. But oh, how glad I am that you and Mr Life have the little ones to keep you twirling through life. Losing a much loved pet leaves such a hole. Hugs from down south. xx

  8. I was a cow (obviously) because little L was sitting on the toy ride-on cow and there wasn't room for two. So, I suggested he could ride me instead! I MISS THEM!

    1. Oh yes, of course. Silly me.

  9. I do admire your new header, it gives one hope. I have Iceberg roses blooming at the moment, rather apt I feel.

    I do hope that the grandchildren will lift everyones' spirits, they are lovely little things.