Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's been going on around here

I didn't realise that squirrels are fond of sunflower seeds as well as peanuts. This feeder usually has mixed seeds in it, which Mr Squirrel has never shown any interest in, but now that it's filled with sunflower seeds he sits there and stuffs himself for minutes at a time. There's a little gap at the bottom of the feeder, which makes it nice and easy for him to shovel the seeds in with both hands.

Here he is on the fence afterwards. I'm surprised that he could heave himself up on it with his tummy full of seeds. The birds were pleased to see him go.

Grandson and Granddaughter are beginning to play together, which is SO CUTE.

And I've started to cut out bits of material for my next projected quilt.

Maybe woodworking would be easier. Fabric stretches; and what I've measured ever so carefully can become not quite so perfectly right after I've cut it. Still, you don't get wood with pretty little patterns of butterflies on it. Life's not perfect.


  1. We have been amused by the antics of squirrels on our visits to Canada, although we know they are rodents......but we don't have them, so we take our amusement when we can!

  2. oh, so adorable when they start playing together (a.k.a. encouraging each other to greater crimes - or was that just my children?)

  3. Awwww, look at those little dolls -- they look like they may be getting into a bit of trouble with Granny's books! I can't wait to see your next quilt project. The fabric never seems to cut perfectly and doesn't even go together perfectly, but the actual quilting hides a multitude of sins! ;-D

  4. A lovely image of the little ones playing together.

    I was surprised to see a grey squirrel, I only ever see reds when I go to Argyll.

  5. Squirrels are greedy little so and so's but I still like them. I'm less keen on the crows and pigeons which crowd all the pretty birds off my feeders though....

    Grandkids are Just. So. Cute.

    Good luck with the quilt if you can find the time. Lxx

  6. Very sweet photo of the grandchildren playing together. I find cutting fabric one of the hardest things about sewing. There's an art to it that I don't have.

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