Saturday, January 31, 2015


In a bid to distract myself (and do something with the shining hour) I've been cutting out tumbler blocks to make a snuggle quilt for Daughter 2. I mainly used fabrics from my stash (oh Thimbleanna, what have you started? - it's quite a big stash) though I bought some self-coloured ones as well. Several of the patches come from leftovers from curtains I've made at various times for the house, which is quite pleasing. And I can convince myself that this renders it thrifty... if not perhaps quite making up for the material I've bought on spec just because I liked it.

I decided to have stripes of white, green, yellow and blue, Daughter 2 chose the fabrics (from the stash) and Mr L and I calculated how many blocks I needed of various types. I then had fun deciding how to arrange them.  Which is just as well, since I clearly have enough fabric for at least, oh, ten other quilts using many of these fabrics.

No doubt the actual sewing will involve less fun and more ripping-out before I get it right.

I found myself lying in bed the other night, thinking about cutting out tumblers. Still, as I say, I blame Anna. She got me into this so it's clearly not my fault.


  1. That's lovely, those stripes!

  2. HAHAHA -- methinks you're hooked!!! It's looking great! And you've stumbled upon one of quilting's biggest mysteries -- how is it that you can make a whole big quilt and the stash appears to have NO dent in it at all? (Personally, I think the fabrics reproduce in the dark.)

  3. This will be lovely! And it has a nice feeling of spring, though your real spring will doubtless come far ahead of our and you may not need this fabric boost. Here there is little sunlight and probably at least a foot of snow on the ground. No school again today........

  4. This is very pretty! I love the pattern you have going! Hope your heart isn't quite as sad as you keep busy, friend. I send you great care and hugs!

  5. That's going to look marvellous !
    It's much more fun deciding on the layout now you can photograph the various combinations , isn't it . Mind you , there's still a huge amount of sewing to be done .