Sunday, January 11, 2015

The thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to

The bruise is still there but the egg has gone down a bit. Thank you for your sympathy for her! It doesn't seem to be bothering her much, but she's still not very well from the infection that caused her to be wobbly, the wee pet.

Goodness, this weather isn't helping the Januaryitis. Today it's cold, dark, a bit windy and wettish with the remains of some feeble snow still lying on the grass: a day for sitting inside with a book and a cat. Not that I have been, really. I've been out to lunch and am later going to choir. Keep breathing in and out and get on with it. It's the only way.


  1. Granddaughter looks cosy and warm in her nice red jumper......and the bump doesn't look too bad, now.

  2. And there she is, cosy in her red jumper - handknitted? While we have been welcoming the rain and relative coolness, and enjoying going for a swim.

  3. Good breathing advice -- I agree, that's the only way to get on with it. Maybe I need to come to Scotland -- that would cheer me up -- at least for the duration of the trip LOL.

    And, to save your mail from being overloaded -- thanks for your recent comments. You are indeed in trouble with that trolley temptation -- YOU have a local Ikea, which could prove very problematic LOL!

  4. With us it is darker now than it was even at the Solstice. Waiting for snow this week in the hope that it might brighten things up! I am so relieved to read of your philosophy this January. I'm with you on the breathing rather than key word!

  5. Poor granddaughter.....But I think you are right....For many things, the grandparents feel worse!
    We have the brightening because of snow - had at least six inches last night and the third snow day this semester, so far, though the first two were called "calamity days". Yes, get on with it....Choir should be great on such a day!

  6. Poor little girl...She must have had an awful headache for a while. Thank you for your comment on my eternity ring! I'm still glowing:-)
    Watched the Tattoo on t.v last week and thought of you as always. Can you see the fireworks from your home?

    1. No, not really. From a street not far away, but they'd be a bit distant - two or three miles, maybe. Better to go to a hilly bit for a better view.