Thursday, May 26, 2016


We were in London at the Chelsea Flower Show on Tuesday. I think I may have taken too many photos, but it was a feast for the eyes and we probably won't be back (though we might). It was a wonderful experience.

I love lupins so much. So do the slugs and snails in my garden. Sigh.

I rather liked this little pond - was it? - bird bath for an Golden Eagle?

This was an Australian garden. The pink-leaved plant at the front is from South Africa and wouldn't survive here, but it was pretty.

I love these cool, dreamy colours.

This was an apothecary garden for St John's Hospice, full of plants that bring well-being.

Here it is again. Another pretty little pondy thing.

This was a garden to draw attention to modern slavery, happening behind closed doors.
Very thought-provoking. The planting was beautiful. More lupins.

There were some fun things like these grass-covered animals. Fake grass and, yes, fake animals.

Clematis in the big tent.

 And irises.

These bird baths were for sale. Tempting but a bit large to take home on the train.

And we managed to meet up with Daughter 2 both the evenings we were in London, which added to the pleasure, though we didn't like leaving her behind.


  1. What a wonderful, busy day you must have had! We went a few years ago. We loved the experience but not the crowds, but were so glad to have been. The designs, the colours and the scents are a feast for the senses.
    Those red lupins are stunning!

  2. Ooh, you lucky duck, agree with DW, the crowds wouldn't have been good but thank you for the pictures, perfect! Wow, the closed door one is huge pause for thought, sadly. We have billboards about it here in Michigan.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time -- look at the crowds! Your flowers pictures are beautiful -- I believe you've converted me to lupins too!

  4. I would love that visit, especially the apothecary garden which reminds me of Brother Cadfael--loved that series. Beautiful photos!

  5. Love apothecary gardens, and pondy things! My clematis is just now blooming, too. Would love to go to the Chelsea show someday. With Benedict Cumberbatch and his mum. 8-)

  6. Your new header is lovely.

    I don't know how you cope with all those people at a show like that, I would be a gibbering heap!

    Lovely picture of Daughter 2.