Saturday, May 14, 2016

Comings and goings

Life is somewhat busy at the moment... indeed, most of the time. We decided that we should go and visit my elderly aunt in Norfolk and could find only one week between now and mid-October when we didn't have any cancellable commitments. And even then, I'm going to miss a coffee with friends, book group, a piano lesson and Zumba -
such is the pleasant frantic-ness of the retired life.

Son-in-Law 1 had a birthday yesterday and Grandson and I made him a cake. "I'm going to make it very fancy," said Grandson, wielding the chocolate buttons after we iced it. (One or two of them didn't make it on to the cake. )

Then we did some painting

and played with water in the garden.

It was a satisfactory cake.

Today was Mr Life's birthday, and Daughter 1 and family, Son and Daughter-in-Law came to celebrate. Son had bubble fun with his nephew and niece: good preparation for fatherhood, which should be happening to him in July or August.

We went out for a walk, and came upon a road roller. (Son didn't really get squashed.)

Luckily Son has good upper body strength.

Meanwhile, Daughter 2 was, and is, in the air on the way to New York to meet up with her actor husband, who's there for work. She arrives in JFK tonight at midnight 15 our time, then has to meet him and then they'll make their way to their accommodation. She'll be very tired. I won't sleep properly either till I know she's safely in bed, on firm ground.


  1. A very busy time. How exciting to go to New York for acting work.

  2. I'm surprised you managed to get Grandson home from that walk at all.
    Belated Happy Birthday R.

  3. Retirement sounds VERY busy, but satisfying and rich too. Love NYC, but it's an energetic city. Hope she's in a quiet area, if one exists. :)

  4. You seem to have the ideal family Pam! Everyone looks so happy.....Happy B'day to Mr. Life and I'm glad you are enjoying retirement. I seem to remember "someone" wondering what on earth she would do with so much free time!

  5. Happy days, and that cake looks delicious!

    "The pleasant franticness of the retired life." describes our experiences too. As busy as we ever were, but in a different way!

  6. Love the steam roller photo!

    Belated happy birthday to Mr Life and congratulations on son's impending fatherhood, it'll be nice for the other two to have a cousin to add to the mix.

  7. Your cheerful blogs and photos always cheer me up, Pam! You might have noticed I don't post anymore on my other blog, it was always doom and gloom, which is pretty much what our life is at the moment, so I just stick to posting stuff on my stitching blog.

  8. Happy Birthday to all your birthday celebrators! I quite understand the business, but it is all part of the richness of life!

  9. I wish daughter 2 and her actor husband could meet Daughter-in-law one, actor, who is also in New York this weekend. Can we know which play he is in?

  10. LOVE that steamroller picture - you guys are tooooo funny! And DD2 is in New York!!! If only it were closer!!!