Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Looking back

Nothing much has happened but I've been looking back at my weekend pictures, in which Granddaughter, having been face-painted at a school fete, shows off her butterfly face for the camera.

And Grandson smiles gleefully, mid-bubble fest.

And they both run about after the bubbles. That was a good day, though we missed Daughter 2, who has now safely arrived in New York and is having a good time.

Today, she and her husband updated their eleven-year-old photo of themselves up the Empire State Building. I've been there too - in 1970. I don't think I want to compare a photo of myself then and now... .


  1. I've never been up the Empire State Building! I love the updated photo. In 1970 I was 14 years old and have changed quite substantially. :)

  2. Love all the smiley faces. I think I was just a bit behind you at the Empire State Building. Your girl doesn't look like she's aged at all.

  3. Your son-in-law looks like Kenneth Branagh! Which is very nice!

  4. Awww, DD2 and SIL look so cute! I hope they're having a wonderful time!!!

  5. Lovely pictures again. Gorgeous header too.

    I was on the outskirts of Edinburgh the other weekend and waved at you and the family as we were passing by.