Monday, March 20, 2017

Fun and games

I love how busy small children are. The offspring were all here at the weekend and when the grandchildren are busy, there's not a lot of relaxation for the rest of the family either (but who needs relaxation? Plenty of that in the grave...).

Grandson decided to write down all the numbers up to 100 in grid form. I provided the grid but he did all the rest. "That's the 1 column, that's the 2 column," (etc) he informed me.

Then he taught Daughter 2 how to draw traffic lights. She proved an apt pupil.

Granddaughter-the-Elder did her own thing...

but then added a face and stegosaurus spikes to the dinosaur that Daughter 2 drew at her request. Note the sticking-out tongue for added concentration.

We played hide-and-seek in the garden. Our garden is not large and doesn't offer many hiding places. You may be able to spot Son, hiding behind this bench.

But can you spot Granddaughter-the-Younger, who was also playing this game (with a little help)?

It was lovely to have them all. The house is now much tidier, but it takes me a while to recover from the sadness when they go away again.


  1. Good art effort by ALL! Young N does very neat digits for his age. (I'm picking some sort of engineer in the future. )
    I see your daffodils flowering there. I've just been planting some new ones, so 6 months to wait.

  2. I'm thinking she's in her Auntie's arms....

  3. What joy! You have a lovely family as I see them in your blog!

    I do get to see my grandchildren often as we all live quite near one another, but the last week in March I will be in Florida with dd2 and her family. We've rented a house together... My granddaughter Clara told her Mother, "I can't wait for Nana week!" My heart melted.....again.

  4. We are on the same page with numerous games of hide and seek in a tiny house. You'd be amazed how many places you can hide if you simply hunker down with your eyes closed!
    Happy Days!

  5. Games and activities are what it's all about, even when kids get older. :) It looks like a wonderful time.