Thursday, March 16, 2017


I hope that the people who made the Lego model of the museum realise how carefully it's studied by the clientele. It was worth the many, many hours of fiddly work that they put into it.

Granddaughter-the-Elder and I had another lovely afternoon there. Today she examined various stuffed (urgh) beasts. I must look more carefully next time to find out what an owl, a white rat (is it?), a turtle, a - what? - shellfish of some sort? and a red squirrel have in common, apart from sharing a glass case.

This is her favourite butterfly. Again, pinned to a board, so a bit urgh, but she's unbothered by this.

It was a beautiful sunny day, though windy.

This is a somewhat fiendishly difficult sort of jigsaw thing, aimed at teaching the food chain (ugh).

Happily, Granddaughter is currently unware of the redness in tooth and claw of nature. Not to say humankind.

Joy, o joy, Daughter 2 has been here this week from London to go to a meeting and then to work in the local office of her firm. She very kindly brought gifts.

 The box of chocolates is no longer completely full.

Maybe I am a real quilter after all if the evidence is that I keep seeing potential ideas in unrelated scenes, such as this shot of Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge. The colours weren't quite as they look here: the blue was royaler, the green was mintier and the beige was golder, and the whole picture made me think of a rather attractive quilt. Though Jeremy Paxman wouldn't, ideally, feature in this. (Urgh.)


  1. Those chocolates wouldn't last long around here either! I love hearing about your museum trips. I enjoyed taking my daughters to museums and am hoping to do so with a grandchild. (one day!)

  2. So wonderful to be able to spend so much time with your grandchildren...(My youngest grandson who cannot read as yet, loves to study Lego catalogues!) And lovely that daughter #2 is visiting...And, you certainly are a real quilter! I think this sort of response to color is something quilters share.

  3. What a lot of 'urghs', I hope they end soon for you. G-t-E is looking taller than ever and I can quite imagine the delight of finding drawers full of exciting creatures.

  4. You are the best Grandma ever! Little Granddaughter-the-Elder is going to have the best memories from her childhood. And you are definitely a REAL quilter!!!

  5. Your quilt inspiration made me laugh out loud! My inspirations usually come from nature... or a quilt book with exacting instructions..... ;-)