Saturday, March 11, 2017


It's been lovely weather, as evidenced by the blue sky. Mr Life and I had a little trip to a newish antique centre the other day but I didn't buy anything, despite temptation. I fear that I have too much stuff. I like stuff, or at least certain stuff, such as bits of glass and wooden boxes, but on the other hand someone will have to do something with it all if I fall down dead suddenly. And if I don't, then I'm going to have to do something with it all at the point when we have to downsize.

We had a nice walk through the New Town (begun in 1780, so not all that new).

 One can't help feeling that it probably looked handsomer before the advent of the motor car.

On the other hand, motor cars are useful.

And we parked ours...

... beside these ones.

It was Granddaughter-the-Elder's birthday yesterday, when she was (astonishingly) 4. Her parents gave her monster feet and her aunt gave her a wolf tail - both greatly appreciated. She likes accessories.

Daughter 1 made her this cake. I made the same design of cake for Daughter 2 when she was about 4. Roll-out icing hadn't been invented at that time so I think mine involved butter icing and coconut "fur". How thirty years do fly by... . 


  1. Happy belated birthday to your GD1. I can't believe she is four years old, either! You have a wonderful family!

  2. I'm in love with her tail, I've always wanted one. She looks like Max from Where the Wild Things Are, my favorite book in the world.

    1. The tail is from if you'd like one (they come in adult sizes)! I was thinking of Max when I bought it (though there are also lots of other lovely ones). D2

  3. Happy Birthday to Grand-daughter (can't believe she's 4 either.)
    Intrigued to know where the newish antique centre is - always a sucker for a rummage......

  4. They do indeed, but it must ease the pain somewhat to live in such a beautiful city! Happy belated b'day to your cute little Wolf!

  5. How can GTE be FOUR? Thanks for the Edinburgh views!
    Agree about the stuff, we (well, I) are downsizing gently since the WT will retire eventually!

  6. I love the tail and feet! The cake is amazing. We need some of that blue sky here. :)

  7. Your city looks very handsome under that blue sky (well done on such admirable restraint, btw) and your granddaughter really knows how to put an outfit together. Four is such a splendid age.

  8. Four! That is definitely not a baby anymore :( Talking about stuff, I've been listening to The Minimalists podcasts. I am not sure about it ... throwing things out I'm calm with but are we too old for a complete life change? I might be.

  9. Oh, the accrual of STUFF! I know, I know. My cottage is rather a vortex of vintage and antique items, with me running around squidging things into corners to make room for more.... at the moment I'm looking for a bookshelf to hold my growing collection of 33RPM LPs! (Hubby bought me a turntable...)

  10. Happy belated birthday to your granddaughter!!! She looks so cute with her new gifts and the cake looks amazing:)