Monday, March 27, 2017

Very silly mother

Sunday was British Mother's Day. Daughter 2 visited the previous weekend and kindly brought flowers and chocolates. This weekend she was on holiday in Berlin, but being the sort of person she is, she also sent another little present. It was in a small, flat box. I didn't realise that it contained six little biscuits, and since I opened it upright, they fell out. I quickly replaced them in the box and we puzzled slightly at the message.

"You love you?" Seemed unlikely. I decided that it signified two horseshoes and a heart - "Good luck. I love you". (Was I in need of luck?) We didn't have much time to think about it because we were going out, and then the Edinburgh family came to lunch so again, we didn't give it much thought as we wrangled the grandchildren.

It wasn't till considerably later that Daughter 1, who is a more intelligent person than her mother, tried turning some of the biscuits over. Which achieved this result:

The plain white blobs of icing were on the back, simply to make the biscuits stick to the backing paper (which only two of them had).

How silly am I?

I suppose it could have been worse, ie

but then even I might have thought a bit harder about the situation.

By the way, Daughter 2:


  1. This is what we call a "Duh!" moment over here! Hope you had a very happy, if somewhat puzzling time yesterday....

  2. I love the biscuits! It's definitely like something I would do. :) Happy Mums' Day!

  3. I would have had the same problem!