Thursday, September 07, 2006


This time, I resisted the temptation to look at my blog after writing it, until this afternoon, so as not to skew the stats counter, but then did, and was so pleased to find such lovely comments in response to what I suppose was my rather shameless request for them…. Thanks so much. Scottish greetings to you all!

I will respond, but just now must go and make a plum cake. My neighbour, once a year, arrives with a huge carrier bag full of delicious, but very ripe, Victoria plums from her tree, and it’s a race against decomposition to do things with them before they become woolly little squashy blobs. I made a cake the other day, and we’ve been eating lots of actual plums (extremely good for the digestion…) and Daughter 2 is stewing some to freeze, but I do feel it’s my duty to make a further cake (the first one is in the freezer).

I’m just back from trying to explain to my 84-year-old mum how to use her new mobile phone. She’s very together for her age, but technology’s not really her thing and she doesn’t learn as easily as she used to. And I felt a bit wappit (Scottish word for “tired”) after a day’s teaching even before this. Bath and bed are more what I feel like. Still, can’t waste plums.

To the kitchen!


  1. Hey Isabelle. Thank god you didn't disappear from blogging while I was away being a sad sack. What would I do without a giggle from your posts? And you'll be happy to know that those wonderful pics of your garden have inspired me to get out and do more gardening. My garden is just a series of pots, as I live in a rental house but it gives me lots of joy nonetheless.

    And you've just reminded me that I once set up a stat counter but never went back to check it. I should do that! Els x


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