Sunday, September 03, 2006

Speaking to strangers

Daughter 1 has got me a stats counter. I can’t claim that the world as a whole is clamouring to read my wise words – in fact, really not many are at all – but still, I was a bit encouraged to see that my blog was looked at 69 times last week. Now, granted, some of these occasions were when I myself, rather pathetically, looked to see if anyone had commented. And not many had. But even if I looked twice some days (which I probably did, I fear; how sad – but then I was back at work and checking one’s blog does function as convenient work-avoidance) then this still leaves 55 other – is the word “hits”?

Again, I have to take into account that some of these were probably Daughter 1, with similar boredom-induced motives. But they can’t all be.

Life is so busy that it sometimes seems rather silly and pointless to go on blogging, when there are so many really good blogs around. But I’ll continue for a bit. The statistics seem to suggest that there are some people who read but don’t comment. Hello there, whoever you are.

I got an email from a colleague the other day saying that a student in her tutor group, who was also in my Higher English class, was very anxious in case I should ask her to read aloud in class. She was very embarrassed if she had to speak out in front of others. I replied that I never do ask students to do this, for this very sort of reason; but that actually she didn’t seem to be in my Higher English class.

Colleague, emailing back: No actually, you’re right. She’s elected to be in your Oral Presentation Skills optional class.

Me: Umm. Well, I’m afraid she will have to speak in front of others, then… Maybe she should change her option?

Colleague: I’ve just checked with her but she still wants to do it. She’s hoping to become a teacher.



  1. I catch up on your life maybe a couple of times a week along with a few other blogs I enjoy. I know some readers are like me and can enjoy reading without even thinking of leaving a comment.

    Keep it up - I know it helps just getting your thoughts down in writing. Have a great week:)

  2. Hello Isabelle! Thank you for your comment on my blog :) I'm thrilled to meet another Isabelle, from Scotland! Is "Isabelle" common in Scotland? Native English speakers tend to make mistakes with my name, so I'm really curious! And how do you pronounce it: with an open e at the end like in French, or with the neutral schwa (as with "Isabel")?

    And we're both English teachers too! :) Glad to meet you, Isabelle!

  3. I just snorted coffee through my nose. Methinks the girl has a problem :D

  4. Oh Isabelle, please don't close your blog down! Even if you only post once or twice a week, or whatever - I enjoy your musings so much, always get a giggle! Don't fret over stats - when you first started blogging, did you care about the number of hits you'd get? Of course not; if you're like me, you wouldn't have even know it was possible to track that kind of info! Nah, you just keep on being you with your great sense of humour!

  5. If it helps to know it, I subscribe to your blog in my bloglines feeds :-)

  6. I'm one of your readers, and I'm in Australia - I like to read your blog as it reminds me of Blighty. I lived in Edinburgh for a couple of years before I came to Melbourne, and have moments of terrible homesickness which are always alleviated by reading various blogs about home :)

    Please don't stop blogging! And by the way, Agapanthus (sp?) are very much in evidence where I live, and look particularly spectacular in the Aussie sunshine. One of those 'smiley' plants in my humble opinion. Well, they always make me smile :)


  7. I love reading too! It is fun to go back in and see the counter bumping up! And especially when I know that only a couple of them are me!! Have a great week!


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