Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful

Goodness me, waiting for pictures to load on to my blog is like watching someone give birth. Come on, Blogger, just one more little push - you can do it. And the green worm thing painfully squeezes the photo out - Done!

Look at this petunia that Daughter 1 and SIL bought me months ago. Wouldn't that just gladden your heart? Nearly October and it's still shouting pinkly "Look at me!"

A few weeks ago I bought some bulbs and this morning I thought that it was about time I planted them. I'd forgotten that among these were two autumn crocuses, which I've never bought before because the leaves are enormous later in the year. However, I succumbed this year. When I opened the brown paper bag that the bulbs were in, one of the autumn crocuses looked like this.

But the other looked like this.

The poor thing had decided that it was time to flower and had just gone ahead, in its net prison, in the dark. And it was lovely! - actually pale pink, though it doesn't show up on my photo.

Isn't nature wonderful? I've now planted it in the garden.


  1. Love that crocus!

    I too have been ranting to myself over Blogger's odd little tantrums.

  2. Aw, bless it for flowering, that's so lovely :o)

    That petunia does gladden the heart, I love it when plants keep flowering into autumn, it somehow lessens the impact of impending cold :o)


  3. What an amazing little thing!
    Hope your Dad is better :)

  4. Hey Isabelle. Man your posts always make me laugh! I've been waiting for blogger to 'give birth' a bit lately. Your gorgeous plant photos inspired my last garden-related post. In fact you inspired my whole spring-gardening craze. So thank you!