Sunday, June 08, 2008

40 years on...

Busy busy busy here in Life country: Daughter 2's had a birthday, I've been to a (high) school reunion (40 years since we left school - can't wait to tell you about this) and I'm therefore behind in my marking and WAY behind in my blogreading. So - must stop having fun in a moment.

However, the passage that the students had to answer questions about in the exam concerns landscape and the environment and how these change through the years. You might be interested to know from their answers that:

"Stone Age man needed food to survive."

"There are very few bisons, giraffes and hippos in Scotland nowadays."


"We used to have fauna in Scotland but you never see any of them these days."

I'll be back. Save your exciting posts till the end of this week, please.


  1. You have been busy since you last posted! Hope all is well with you. Also hope I have nothing "exciting" to post (esp. with our girls' tonsil surgery this week!!):)
    The photo was beautiful!

  2. I love the the student's answers, especially the fauna one. I don't know - but maybe they act on my theory from past exams I've done - any answer may just get a mark or two. Really desparate ....

  3. What? No giraffes left in Scotland??? I'm shocked! We must notify PETA or one of those animal organizations (who takes care of that sort of thing anyway?) Very funny howlers this time Isabelle -- I always love reading your posts on marking!

  4. It is rather a worry about the Hippos! We seem to have plenty here in OZ, though they are mostly disguised as humans...
    Beautiful Orchid.

  5. Perhaps the hippos ate all of the fauna...

  6. For goodness old did you say your students are??

  7. Your 40 year school reunion? I can't wait for you to tell us about this! I love a good reunion story.

    (I suppose kangaroos are extinct in Scotland too then?)