Sunday, June 15, 2008


My marking is finished and sent away. O joy. However, the trouble with being a keen gardener in the marking season – or a marker in the gardening season – is that the garden romps away while the marker is closeted indoors drinking coffee and wielding the red pen. The result is that urgent gardening backlogs await her on finishing the scripts. So I’m still busy – but I much prefer gardening to marking.

While I’ve been slaving on scripts, our son and his beloved have been revising for their finals, which happened last week.
The cats have usually found this quite boring.

At times, though, Sirius has found it all too exhausting even to watch.

But during quiet moments, Cassie has offered advice.

Son and beloved have now passed their exams, however, and are officially doctors. I bought a cake (didn't like to make one in advance of the results, just in case...). Daughter 2 bought them medals (made of chocolate)
and champagne.
The only bad part of this from our point of view is that they start work (in August) in a town about a couple of hours away from here. I, the ultimate in clingy mothers, am not going to take this well, let me warn you now. I know, I know – you rear them to let them fly. Hmm.

Meanwhile, however, the doctor offered to hang out the washing.


  1. Hooray for you and your family!

    Two hours away - well, it may make your heartstrings stretch a bit longer than you'd anticipated, but it really isn't that vast a distance. I'm actually glad to hear they've been able to get jobs that close.

  2. Anonymous11:48 pm

    I just cyber surfed across to your blogg from the "It's Life Jim" blog.

    I loved the piccies of your cats "helping" you with your marking!

    I am always delighted when I come across a blogger with a sense of humour and zest for life, which breaks up my blog reads of just boring weight loss blogs.

    Best wishes,

  3. Huge Congratulations to your Son, his Beloved, & you the Life parents, for raising such a lovely Doctor!
    I was surprised at how close they got jobs too, really. One hears awful tales of postings in far flung corners of the land.

  4. You have NO IDEA how much my offspring envy your clinginess (cf my departure to 7 hours away). And how happy you must be to have 2 doctors in the family - it is a great feeling when loved ones enjoy their jobs.

    Ho hum still a day of marking, and garden romping away, to go here :-(

  5. A well raised son will always help with the washing!

    Congratulations to you all. An achievement like this is certainly worthy of celebrations and giant chocolate medals.

  6. Your garden is divine, Isabelle. Do you think it's true that you're "closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on earth"?

    The good doctor seems to be a dab hand at hanging out the washing---a renaissance man, obviously.

    And done with the marking at last? Congratulations all around. As for the cats, to take some liberties---"They also serve who only sit and sleep!"

  7. Big Hearty Congratulations to son and his beloved! That's a big accomplishment. We still have many years to get to that point. Good that you have him hang out the wash -- keeps it real LOL! And Yay -- you're done marking -- now we'll "see" you more!

  8. Isn't that just the best thing, not only do you get to se the doctor but he hangs out your washing. Wonderful!

    And isn't it great that you will now have a lovely new destination to visit! A new place to explore with your son, just two hours away.

    It least its not Milford Sound Hospital....:-)

  9. Exciting having two doctors in the family. Great achievement.

    Not so good that they are moving - but it's not really that far away.

  10. Congratulations to your Doctor Son. And to the proud parents.

  11. This is a bit unrelated to your post, but it made me think of you. We were just at the grocery, and the checkout lady asked us if we wanted to "donate to a fund to fight prostrate cancer". I suppose that's a type of cancer one gets from lying down too much?

  12. Well two hours away is better than the New Zealand posting, no?

    My cat likes to sit facing corners. Awake. Talk about daft.

  13. Congrats to the new docs!
    Never fear - two hours away is not far.

  14. Congratulations to Doctor son and his Doctor beloved! And well done to you too and your husband, Isabelle. I think every doctor should know how to hang out the washing. It is vital to their health and happiness!

  15. Laughing at Tanya's comment!

    Oh to have a son who would hang out the washing.

    Oh to have a daughter who would hang out the washing.

    I suspect they may have the prostrate disease.

    I wonder is it too late to train the canine?

    Congratulations to the boy child and his beloved!

  16. Congratulations to the two new doctors!

    Is there a doctor in the house?
    No, he's outside hanging out the washing.

  17. Two new doctors in the family isn't it so exciting as they embark on the next phase of their life? Two hours is not far.

  18. That's wonderful! Two hours isn't sooo terrible (says the mom of two still at home). I'm sure your garden will be shipshape in no time.

  19. That's wonderful! Two hours isn't sooo terrible (says the mom of two still at home). I'm sure your garden will be shipshape in no time.

  20. Congratualtions to the Doctors!