Sunday, June 01, 2008

The garden show in the sunshine

Thoughtlessly, the Edinburgh Garden Show is always arranged for the weekend in the middle of my marking marathon. However, a girl has to have some time off, so Daughter 1, my mum and I spent a few hours there yesterday. It was hot and sunny and the crowds were out.

Look: some natives talking to a man in a hat.

One often has to go inside the flower hall to shelter from the rain but on this occasion, it was pleasantly cool compared with outside. Why do my clematis not look like these?

A bank of fuchsias. Delicious.

Veg art.

Alliums aplenty.

The bonsai stall - never very sure about bonsai but I think I like them. This azalea or possibly rhododendron was pretty, anyway.

Back home, the cats were enjoying the sun.

It's hot being a black cat.

Sometimes you have to catch a bit of shade...

... before returning to a sunny spot.

My spring pansies are still looking good.

However, this is Scotland and today it's raining. It makes the plants grow. Mr Life relaxes on the sofa with his fluffy friends and the Sunday papers.

Life's exhausting when you're a cat. Or a man.
I've marked 70 out of my 210 papers.


  1. Mr Life and his fluffy friends - LOL!! I just love the way some cats stretch their front paws way out in front of them - Topsy does this too. Must be another Black Cat thing, as I don't recall our other moggies doing this.
    And don't they look gorgeous in the sun! I can never make up my mind whether Topsy is blue-black or rusty-black - depends on how strong the sun is I think.
    Thanks for your sympathy re Edith - that was nice of you and Alice.

  2. I love the alliums (one of my favourite flowers after peonies and ranunculus) and the veg art and the cats are as beautiful as ever. Good luck for the marking; my husband is halfway through his first batch of exam papers and cursing the day he ever decided to become a university lecturer!

  3. Do you know the Father Christmas books by Raymond Briggs? He always draws cats like that, with their front legs stretched out in front. I always thought it was endearing, but odd. But now I see some cats actually do it!

    I notice the man in the hat is carefully roped off so as not to alarm the natives.

  4. (Raymond Briggs does the drawings, not Father Christmas).

  5. Yay! A third of the way through the marking. I'm sure that deserves some kind of a celebration?!

  6. My black cat (sadly now decesed) used to spend every summer day flaked out in the sunshine until he could bear it no longer, at which he'd come inside and flop down on the cool tiles inside the house. What a life!

    Well done on the marking, as Fairlie says a third done is deserving of some time out.

  7. Hello, thanks for dropping in at my blog - still very new to things so it's lovely to have new visitors.

    Was one of those 'natives' Bob Flowerdew by any chance? The veg art looked fab. I always have an urge to pull Bonsai out of their pots though, pull the wire off and shout 'run to the woods - be free!'


  8. Mr Life certainly knows how to live life in the fast lane. Cats look so glossy when their black fur is warmed by the sun. Bonsai is a curious art form doesn't really catch my imagination.

  9. Yay! A catlet update!!! They're looking very happy, fit and healthy -- I'll be sure to show Scruff LOL! The flower show looks lovely -- now I want an allium or ten in my yard!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous pictures - just love that first one with the stone arch. Good going on the marking! Z xx

  11. It's raining in England too, the cats are soaked and drying off on the beds!

  12. Well, SOMEone has to take advantage of the warm sunshine---and it doesn't look like you're in the clear yet to go stretch out in the flower bed to catch some rays......

  13. Good luck with the remaining marking. Why is it that men always find the time to read the papers at the weekend? My two black cats seem to melt in the sun and can only last a few minutes before coming in again and going to bed! Love those alliums, it looks like a great gardening show

  14. The clematis looks beautiful! Also the Veg art.

    I think all cats lead the perfect life!!

    Good luck with the marking.

  15. Mr Life looks so comfy there with his blanket, & his cosy cats.
    Nice little peep at the show, those flowers are amazing.

  16. Oh, I don't envy you your marking. Been there, done that - and it's over with!

    The flower show looks marvelous! And we had a beautiful sunny day yesterday and now today it feels and looks like November! Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  17. Did the natives proceed to eat the man in the hat?

    Love the alliums and the blue pot by the blue bench.