Sunday, June 29, 2008

A smelly post

Here are some more pictures taken by Mr Life of our boy washing the skylights. I think they're rather striking.

By the way, remember the Gorgonzola that was making our fridge smell bad?

I force-fed it to Mr Life. That should do the trick, I thought.

But the fridge still smelt.

So I took everything out and washed down the shelves and walls to try to eradicate the smell.

Which is when I found

the remains of a packet of prawns (bought for the cats)

seven days past its eat-by date.
Very stinky indeed.
I didn't make anyone eat the prawns. Not even the cats.
These pictures are, of course, in the wrong order, since I temporarily forgot that Blogger insists on showing the last first (very Biblical). But they took SO LONG to load (as I sat reading the poems of Norman MacCaig to while away the time) that I couldn't be bothered doing them again. Just look at them backwards to get the sequence. Or not.


  1. My goodness, prawns for cats?? How extravagant that seems? They are far too expensive here, to feed to cats.
    Did Mr Life enjoy the Gorgonzola? I am sure I would not be brave enough to try any! It took me years to try Parmesan, simply because I would baulk at the smell!

    I wish son could come here to wash out skylight!

  2. If you still have lingering smells in the fridge some Vanilla essence on a cotton ball left in there will make it smell sweet again.

    I would have eaten the cheese for you!

  3. OH NO!

    That would have been very smelly indeed!

  4. ahh, no wonder the fridge the photos, out of order or not (i wouldn't have noticed really)....:)

  5. Those are some fun photos of your son washing the skylight!

    Ah, your prawn story has brought back memories. Years ago, one of my coworkers decided that the refrigerator at work needed to be cleaned and duly threw out everything that wasn't labeled and dated. However, one of the other people, concerned about having his food stolen, had kept his goods in a locked and sealed ammunition box. After much nagging, he grudgingly opened the box to clean it out and found a long-forgotten steak!

    I was out running an errand while all of this was going on. When I returned, it was to the sight of hordes of hacking, heaving people pouring out of the building. The owner of the ammo box was driving off in a truck with a lone trash can rattling around in the back. He sported an expression of demented glee.

    Good times.

  6. Is there anything your son doesn't do? Once he's finished at your place, send him over here. I have some skylights that could do with a good cleaning.

  7. Please send him down to us as well. My son's love of extreme sports does not extend to climbing ladders and washing the windows for his mum.

    Ripe cheese appreciated too.

  8. That sequence of photos was very good, and as you said, much better if you looked at them in reverse order.

    We had an elderly chicken wing destined for the kitten stinking out our fridge a few weeks ago. It was awful.

  9. Spoilt cats having prawns purchased for them, even if they didn't get to eat them!

    You have a son that does jobs around the home, what have we done wrong!

  10. I know it turned out to be the prawns, but I still feel strangely responsible.

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