Sunday, May 02, 2010

Courtesy of Daughter 2

“If I had a blog,” said Daughter 2 today, “I’d blog about a conversation I heard in the supermarket the other day.”

(Who could ignore this temptation?)

“There was a small girl of about two chatting away and she said to her mum, Does everyone have arms?

The mum said, Well no, some people don’t.

Why don’t they?

Well, soldiers - or civilians - in Afghanistan. Their arms might have got blown off.

This really wasn’t the answer I would have given so I looked at the little girl to see her reaction. She just considered for a while and then said, But do we know anyone without arms?

To which the mother replied, Well no, but we don’t know any soldiers."


They were, Daughter 2 said, quite posh people.

Also strange, also from Daughter 2 but on a more cheerful note: have you seen this Youtube video of the remarkable standing-up cat?


  1. I think that mother was a bit strange.

  2. Hmmm. I know lots of soldiers and all of them luckily have both arms. Weird conversation.

    That video is so fun! There must've been something really fascinating out of the window. Can Sirius and Cassie perform such feats?

  3. How amazing that the first thought to occur to that woman was loss of arms through warfare!

  4. Pretty darn weird! Wouldn't have been the first answer that occurred to me either! That "chat" is hilarious! But wouldn't you think, if he's clever enough to stand up straight like that, he'd also figure out how to put his hands on his hips....?

  5. How curious.
    Loved that cat, again, how curious he/she looked.

  6. Anonymous11:42 pm

    If I were that child I'd be having nightmares!

  7. Wouldn't you simply itch to turn and say something to this mother and daughter pair? But no doubt the retort would be 'mind your own business', and rightly so, I guess. Still, the whole scene certainly gives you food for thought..
    Nice pic of Daughter and Pussy.