Monday, December 26, 2011

The book problem

I decided to post every day in December - having missed two days at the beginning of November and therefore not having fully completed NaBloPoMo - so I'll continue to do so despite having nothing much to report. (Sorry.) Christmas Day duly happened, bringing lots of lovely books. The only snag is: where on earth am I going to put them?

Alexander McCall Smith has been wondering recently on the radio how people arrange their books: alphabetically (nice in principle but then you'd need to shift them all along every time you got a new one); by colour (no good unless you're positive that you remember the colour of every cover of every book you might want to find and anyway a bit silly?); by genre (that's the one I sort of adhere to); by author (yes, within the genre I put all the books by one author together). I don't think I heard the beginning of his broadcast but I do remember that he has a "guilt pile" of books that he feels he ought to read, but doesn't.

I do have one of them from time to time. It lives on my bedside table, though doesn't currently exist. (That's a bit of an impossible sentence, isn't it?)

I think I'm going to have to be firm and Get Rid of Some Books. Because even after I did this not all that long ago, the spaces soon got filled up and now we're down to the horizontal-books-on-top-of shelves phenomenon. (But I like my books.)

Yes, I do have a Kindle. And this would be the solution. (But I like real books. Though I feel I should - might actually - grow to love the Kindle.)

Anyway, Son came down to lunch yesterday, thus reducing the average age at the table by - can't be bothered working it out, but quite a lot. Which was nice. (The girls were with their in-laws in the Deep South.) But today has been v-e-r-y q-u-i-e-t. At least, it was quiet in Life Towers. Mr Life drove up to Perth in a van to take some spare family furniture to Son for the house that he and his wife-to-be have recently bought and to help him to assemble a bed . But here - I dusted and tidied a bit and changed the bed and did some washing and suchlike thrills. Zzzzzzzzz.
Here's a picture of Son, not yesterday but a few days ago. Cassie is on his back.

I do sometimes think that maybe I shouldn't post pictures of him because suppose you read my blog and then found that he was about to treat you as a doctor. Would that be odd? Would you trust your doctor less if you'd seen photos of him with a cat on his back or standing in the kitchen wearing his sister's wedding tiara?

And that's probably all I have to say. Till tomorrow. (Don't interpret this as a cliff-hanger promising exciting events to come. Though you never know... .)


  1. Great pic of your wonder you miss them all.

    Lesley xx

  2. Anonymous12:38 am

    I have lots of books. And a guilt pile. And plans to cull them again. And I haven't missed any of those I've culled, which was a useful lesson to learn. I've enjoyed your daily posts. Clever daughter! Not witterings at all. Cheers, Ruth

  3. G'day Isabelle, I am just catching up on my blog friends after a few days of not reading any blogs, and limited posts on my own. I'm enjoying your comments and photos as always! I received just two books this Christmas - a novel which I read the same night, and a cute book of kitten photos. They won't do much to weigh down my bulging bookshelves.
    I'm just about to do a post on our Christmas Day, which was great until later in the day when Melbourne was hit by a severe storm. The news media said Eltham was the hardest hit, but apart from lots of water (nice change from the drought, but not all at once, thank you Mr Upstairs) and foliage ripped from trees by hail and wind, we didn't suffer any damage. Unfortunately for many others around Melbourne, their day was ruined by hail and wind that wrecked house roofs and smashed cars.
    Have you had any snow? I seem to remember last year you (and others in the Northern hemisphere) were posting images of snowy roads and houses.
    Best wishes for the New Year!

  4. I don't know about anyone else, but if I saw a picture of my doctor loving up a cat, I would have an inestimable INCREASE of trust in him.

    It's when people dislike or mistreat cats that I distance myself, so I think you're safe posting your pictures. 8-)

    Happy New Year!

  5. When we moved house over 18 months ago I had a book cull, but there were some I couldn't bear to part with - so they are still here. I would trust my doctor much more if I knew he/she liked animals too!

  6. I say you just build shelves closer to the ceiling -- it's too hard to get rid of them. I'm sad to see the Advent Calendar Adventure come to an end -- I thoroughly enjoyed the fun.

    After our hectic, crazy holiday, your quiet time sounds heavenly. We did have wonderful fun, but I'm really tired now. Just think -- next year it will be your turn to have all the children at Christmas -- and a 1 1/2 year old will be much more exciting than a 6 month old (not that he isn't VERY exciting now, but you know what I mean!) SweetiePie's parents have all of their children synch'd so that they have them all at home on the same year. I think that's a wonderful idea and hope to do it if the day ever comes that TheSecondChild marries.

    Now. Seeing as it's officially after midnight here, and much more so there, I'd like to wish you and Mr. Life a Very Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. Lizzie T9:46 am

    No, like a previous commentator I would trust your doctor son more.

    A very happy new year to you and your family.

  8. Isabelle I've tried for 2 years to organize our books, usually by genre and alphabetically within the genres, then my husband comes along and pulls books out and never puts them back where they came from.

  9. As long as he doesn't mind being 'posted' carry on......and I thought I was getting a kindle for Christmas and didn't and yet wasn't disappointed....still books chez moi this year then.

  10. Isabelle, it sounds as though you are like me. In need of another bookcase......!

    I do pass on some modern novels that I probably won`t want to read again, but everything else stays. I organise them by genre , but literature then tends to be organised chronologically. It is good to pick up a novel I read thirty odd years ago and find that the memory of when and why I read it comes back.

  11. I just love this photo