Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The King and We

A photo for Son-in-Law 1, to demonstrate that the guinea pigs are well and happy. Brown Pig is hiding in the shadows somewhat, but merely to get a better grasp of the hay sticking out of the log.

Thank you for your kind congratulations on our anniversary. Our darling Daughter 2 came home today for New Year. It was so good to see her, though she has a nasty cold.

She and I took my mother to see "The King and I" at the Festival Theatre. (It's so hard not to say "The King and Me" in this sentence.) It was rather tedious and piffly, I regret to report, especially since it was also rather expensive.

Oh well. The songs were good. Pity there weren't more of them.

Daughter 1, SIL 1 and Grandson get back tomorrow. It will be lovely to see them too.


  1. Lovely cup! Enjoy all your visitors Isabelle, and have a very Happy New Year!

  2. And what aristocratic moggies they are, parading around your delightful mug! ♥

  3. Oh the delights of guinea pig keeping! I had two, inherited from my sister (who lost interest). Bubble and Squeak were a lot of fun for me as I hope you find your house guests are. Happy New Year!