Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to make a blog out of very little

Nothing much happens when you're a retired person. Or at any rate, nothing much is happening to me. I apologise, therefore, that the blog is a bit short of startling incident. I sometimes feel a bit sorry for myself because I would prefer to be doing more in the way of fun things - circumstances make this difficult at the moment. But then today I got an email from a still-working colleague, who said The workroom is slaughtered with the marking for the Folio essays and all the run-up/run down to the end of the module block. Only the end of term will put a stop to it all. And I felt less sorry for myself and more sorry for my friends.

There's still only one penguin facing to his /her left. I added some trees to the Antarctic landscape. They're quite small - hardly bigger than the penguins - but presumably they're stunted by the freezing winds howling over the icy wastes.

Giant Santa, however, clearly thrives in the cold.

Today's little gift from Daughter 2 was initially a bit daunting - a very complicated-looking maze. The words at the top are "Start" and "Goal".

However, it turned out to be rather simpler than it first appeared.


  1. Did she make that? She is clever!

  2. Antarctica doesn't have trees. Just saying...

  3. You know I'm still low-level distraught about your lone-wolf of a penguin. I can't help feeling that he'll be bullied or at least feel very alone and out of sync and, from what I remember from Frozen Planet, penguins are very communal creatures. Sigh...

    I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling very festive and are even a bit gloomy. It's strange and not really very fair as your Advent posts have made me feel very festive...sort of eased me into Christmas early.

    I hope that, despite it all, you have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings lots of good things to you and your family.

    Lesley xx

  4. My first year of retirement from teaching went rather slowly and I wondered if I should do some substitute teaching. Then I found other things to do and now I wonder how I ever found time to work!

    Right now you're tied to the house with your Mom but things change. Enjoy your Mom mines been gone for almost 20 years and I wish I'd had the time to just sit and talk with her, to get to know her better as a person not just as my Mom.

  5. Frogdancer - I've tried to make this point in a previous post, to no avail. I'm expecting camels next!!!

  6. You haven't got into the groove with this retirement thing yet; wait and see. One day you'll find yourself used to doing things one at a time and rather slowly, and wondering how on earth you managed before. And it will be lovely!

  7. I agree with Rachel and Mac`n Janet. It is early days for you yet, in this retirement malarky. I found the first year strange and felt quite unsettled, but the second year is, so far, more productive and much more fun.

  8. I think your lone penguin is actually quite positive. It goes to show that you don't have to always face the same way as the rest of the flock. It's okay to go the other way.

    (Are a group of penguins a 'flock'? I have no idea what the correct collective noun is.)