Thursday, July 19, 2012

And the living is not all that easy

As I've said before, Scotland doesn't seem on the whole to have been so copiously wet as England this summer, but it's been grey and damp - hence this headline in the paper the other day.

And indeed, the sun did shine and I sat on the bench and drank a cup of coffee.

Yesterday, however - no sunshine. Mr Life and I decided to go for a wet walk in the Botanics, but it was slightly wetter than we'd bargained for. (This is a path, by the way, not a river.) We did get the place more or less to ourselves, though, which is always nice...

... and the herbaceous border was doing its best to bloom.

These pictures are for Nanny in Worcester: Grandson surveying his cake with enthusiasm...

... and then giving it his seal of approval. Num num num.


  1. So glad to see those photos. He is a darling wee boy and gives pleasure to your blog readers as well as to your family. Happy Birthday little NJ.
    It must be a year ago today you graciously invited us into your home. We did indeed pick the right Summer to visit, didn't we?
    I have photos of bright, bright blue sky over Edinburgh!

  2. I cannot believe Grandson is 1 already. What a gorgeous big boy he is!
    The wetness continues as I speak, BUT there is talk of the wretched jetstream moving, and the prospect of warmer weather. Hmmm. My garden is a wreck. I will wait and see if summer finally shows up or I may well start construction of the Ark in the back garden.

  3. Keep those baby pictures coming - you know how we love them! That cake looks delicious! And RAIN!!!! We actually got more than 5 minutes worth today. It's not enough to end the drought, but we'll take what we can get!

  4. At least all that rain makes everything bright green.....we are more used to seeing dry brown colours here.

  5. And they keep telling us to top up our levels of Vitamin D! How???

  6. What a a lucky boy to bee given such a yummy looking cake. How do little ones just KNOW they are going to like cake?
    What impressive weather you have!