Monday, July 30, 2012

Another day older...

This was Grandson yesterday. My excuse for posting a picture of him is that Nanny in Worcester likes to see him. Note Grandpa in the background, more interested in the Sunday Times motoring section than in Grandson. (He isn't really. Or only for a while.)

I took a photo of the sky at 8.30 this morning. It was encouragingly blue.

I then took some photos of the garden. Look, sunshine. Cassie helpfully posed to add aesthetic appeal. She looks here as if someone's chopped off her tail. They haven't. I assume she was swishing it.

And after what I calculated were my 97th and 98th visits to Mum in hospital (arrangements are still being made for her coming home) I photographed the sky again at 9.30 this evening. I do love the long, light summer evenings, though I suppose we're spinning round towards winter again.

So yes - nothing much happened today.


  1. Oh I think lots happened on this day! Air, breath, love, sky- they're all there! I regularly show more interest in the ST supplements than in my own children, especially if it's Mrs Mills or A. A. Gill.

  2. Something happens every day, doesn't it? Or you would never be getting out of bed.....

  3. I'm glad you have that lovely grandchild and 3 lovely kids and a picturesque sky to help with the stress of your Mum. You are a good daughter.

  4. These are the days for which we are grateful!

  5. Days like this , spent doing nothing much in good company , are what keep us going , I think .

  6. Lovely photos. You are getting more sun over there than we are Down Under at the moment. It has been the coldest winter in Melbourne for years. But still not as cold as you get over there, so I'm not complaining loudly. And we are getting rain. Lots of rain, filling up the reservoirs after years of drought. Wonderful. Cold and wet, but what the heck? Everything is green again!