Monday, July 09, 2012

The best medicine

The garden is very green and the plants are thriving in all this rain, though as I predicted the paeonies are getting sodden. It actually didn't rain today but it's grey and frankly rather chilly. I feel so guilty about all the soggy tourists who probably didn't come to Scotland to get a tan but who wouldn't have expected such consistently dreich weather.

Mum's been in hospital for over four weeks now. I go to see her twice a day so have notched up about sixty visits. The nurses (and I imagine the doctors as well, but I don't see them so much) are really lovely: young girls who spend their lives among these patients, a lot of whom have bald heads and are on drips and with catheters... not a job I would want, and they're so kind and helpful and sympathetic.

But it's so healing to come away and see Grandson busily crawling about and picking things up and trying to fit rings over poles and generally being so - new.


  1. Oh I can imagine what a treat he is....I am so envious of that part of your life but sending hugs for the not so good rest of it. We had a lovely (mostly dry) time in Scotland!

  2. might be wet, but at least your garden is green!

  3. You are a dear daughter to visit so often. I'm sure the grandson is quite a delight.

  4. I hope your mum picks up a are a good daughter to her. you have A very loving heart. Your A cutie.
    Hugs Mary.

  5. Such a lovely little bub he is. And there you are, betwixt and between the very young and the very old. Sadness and gladness so intermingled.
    Happy birthday to you. We share a birthday, redolent with historical significance, and not just that relating to our own lives.

  6. He is a blessing. Do hope your mum is a little less confused now.