Sunday, July 01, 2012


Sometimes, when I fantasise about my ideal house and the wonderful view it would have, I ponder whether this would be of hills or the sea. When I was young, we lived near the sea and I used to find it soothing to walk beside the water and realise that the waves would keep on turning over and over when I and my troubles (what troubles? can't remember now) were long forgotten. Now I find hills more comforting, like the psalmist. Here is Grandson yesterday, with our city hill behind him. It too will long outlast us all, of course, and our concerns. Which is good.

We've just watched the film "One Day", which begins and ends in Edinburgh, partly on the hill above. I quite enjoyed it though Mr Life thought it was a bit unlikely. Well, yes. I can't imagine why they cast Anne Hathaway, who looks nice but had a dire English accent which became Northern from time to time and sounded most odd. There was also that thing where if you know a place, you get confused that the characters are walking along one street and then turn a corner into a location a mile and a half away. And they wore mortar boards at their graduation, which Edinburgh students never did at that time. But I liked the structure of the film, focusing on the same day every year (or nearly every year) as in the book.

Walking back to Daughter 1's house yesterday, I took a picture (it looks better to the eye than the camera) of the Pentland Hills, which also cheer me up. They're nearer our house - I often lift mine eyes to them when in our neighbourhood.

And this is the view of the Edinburgh skyline with the Castle on its own hill that I get twice a day from the path out of the hospital grounds.


  1. i can handle the artistic liberties with geography in films, but the accents changing midstream is most annoying.
    I am sure young grandson will have a delightful accent that i hope he does not need to change for any career.

  2. I`m sure there must be plenty of good home grown actors who could have taken the role.......

    The hilly countryside around Edinburgh looks so peaceful and lovely. Little Grandson is lucky to be growing up there ( and he looks very happy about it too!).

  3. Yes....some actors can do accents (Gwyneth Patrow's posh English in Sliding Doors comes to mind) and others should steer clear. Especially Russell Crowe whose Robin Hood veered wildly between Yorkshire, Lancashire, Brummy and Oirish! AH definitely in the latter camp. But I quite liked the film.

    I like hills too but always choose the sea for me hols.

    Lesley x

  4. Such beautiful scenery Isabelle -- you lucky girl. And SG -- he's growing so quickly!!!

  5. I loved these photos! I would love to see Edinburgh sometime.

    I enjoyed reading your commentary about the film also.

  6. Hope all is well with you and your's. I'll have to look for "One Day" as my wife and I are planning to visit Edinburgh in a couple months. We're touring Britain and I happened to have a street map of Edinburgh so I thought I might be able to put it to some use. I should be able to find the castle anyway.

    I hope the Scotch are as friendly as I've been told.