Thursday, February 14, 2013

The boys

Son and Daughter-in-Law returned from London this afternoon and lingered for a cup of tea and a chat with Daughter 1 and Grandson before heading over to Glasgow for an evening forensics course.

They had fun with their nephew.

Grandson's new favourite word is "tac-tah" - those vehicles with big wheels used for ploughing fields, among other things. He just loves anything with wheels.

Only eleven days till Volume 2 is due.  Very exciting. Yesterday I couldn't help buying her a little pair of jeans with flowers appliqued on them. So cute! I wonder what Grandson will think of his little sister? Fortunately, "baby" is one of his words; indeed, he's very keen on pictures of babies and often leads me to my computer so that I can show him lots of baby pictures (of him) on Picasa. Has anyone else noticed that, if you press the space bar when looking at a picture on Picasa, a fountain of white and yellow stars shoots upwards? No? Try it. I have no idea why it happens but it's very popular with a certain small chap round here, who discovered it some weeks ago.  


  1. Oldest grandson (who just turned ten!) was like that....anything with wheels or that went vroom! vroom! had his immediate and completely focused attention!

  2. Only another week or so! How exciting! How will you fit another baby into your busy lives? Even more vroom, vroom, I suppose.

  3. Oh my.....such a short time to wait!

  4. I wonder if Volume 2 has arrived?

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