Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Daughter 2 did this weekend

Daughter 2 and Sirius had a nice cuddle. He's always cooperative in such activities.

We went out to lunch on Sunday. She decided to see what Grandson would look like as Pope - since there's a vacancy.

First she got his attention by pretending to take on the role herself.

Then she put the napkin / mitre on him. But he didn't cooperate. He looks as if he's crying here but he wasn't - he just firmly removed it.

Later, Mr Life, Daughter 2 and I walked in Dr Neil's Garden by Duddingston Loch.

Then we climbed up the hill for a bit.

 It was a little muddy but gloriously sunny and mild.

We almost made her late for her train but - alas - not quite.


  1. Ah, a visit from DD2. She's so cute -- and she looks adorable in her role as an Aunt!

  2. Hills...That's what I miss here in Florida. It's really flat. Ahhh...did I miss something? About.....weddings??

  3. No, nothing about weddings. Ours are all married. It was just a bit of spam, now deleted. Another bit of spam was about my dog. (What dog?)

  4. That 'alas' speaks volumes Isabelle....yet you are so lucky to have them visit still....and the weather looks very 'lets take a walk' doesn't it?

  5. Bristol. A good day's hike from you I'd say! But you have paved roads (don't you?!) And motor cars---It's not outside the realm of possibility!