Sunday, February 03, 2013

Secret stash

Yesterday, Daughter 1's lovely in-laws were up for the weekend and we all went for lunch at the Flotterstone Inn (very nice food) and then walked up beside the reservoir. As you can see by the general appropriate-for-Antarctica clothing, it was sunny but very chilly.

There's a very buggy-suitable road to walk along.

The water lapped peacefully.

And Grandson beamed as usual.

What you can't see is that secreted inside his cosy bag he's clutching three sachets of tomato sauce, filched from the table at lunch time. Eventually these became a bit tattered and Worcester Nanny managed to relieve him of them. We didn't want them to explode all over him, his clothes, his cosy bag... .


  1. Oh the joys of buggy days. I spent all afternoon observing laps of the BMX track and have a kitchen floor full of muddy everything to prove it! Sigh!

  2. He looks like he has a secret!! Bless.

  3. He's daring you all to find those sachets of tomato sauce, you know.

  4. What a lovely day and what a lovely lad he is to have brought so much joy to your extended family!

  5. Hahaha -- typical toddlerhood. Watch out for pockets of rocks in the spring LOL. It looks like you had a beautiful day for walking -- even if it was cold!

  6. It may have been cold, but look at that sky - what a lovely day for a brisk walk. That is such a cute story about N. with his secret cache. I've seen kids in cafes putting sugar, salt and pepper sachets away in little pockets for later!