Monday, February 18, 2013

The tube

The family was all here at the weekend, which was lovely. Grandson had fun in his play tunnel.

Daughter-in-Law had a go. She didn't find it too difficult.

Who's coming next?

Challenged by his wife, Son squirmed through. He has quite broad shoulders which almost got him stuck.

Then it started to get a bit silly: the tunnel of love.

The silliness continued. Can you see the doubled legged monster?

Son trapped Grandson in the big tube - but not for long.

But now they're away home, doctoring up north and architecting down south. The house is much tidier. I thought I'd indoctrinated into the offspring that they should stick around - none of this let-them-spread-their-wings business in my parenting - but it doesn't seem to have worked, alas.

Daughter 1 has finished the blanket she's crocheting in these photos, so Volume 2 can come any time now, though ideally not at 3 am.

I'm struck by the extreme rubbishness of these photos compared to the beautiful and artistic shots of raindrops on leaves in some of the blogs I enjoy. Ah well. Raindrops stay still and anyway, I'm blaming my camera.


  1. Can't have that baby arriving before the blanket is finished, can we?

  2. I promise not to turn up wanting to visit this time!
    What do the cats think of the tunnel?

  3. Raindrops are artistic, your photos are lovely and family-y which is what we want.

  4. Raindrops and leaves don't entertain me half as much as family members stuck in a tunnel in someone's living room!

  5. you'll have time to pick up the house when the family has left, enjoy the messiness of family!