Friday, May 02, 2014

Cheese straws

It was wet and chilly yesterday so we took the littles to the museum. Grandson watched the numbers above the lift to see when the lift would arrive on our floor. (He likes numbers.)

He turned the handles to generate electricity.

Grandpa had a go too.

Then we came home and Grandson helped me to make cheese straws. (Isn't flour lovely to play with? You can make nice egg-shapes with a spoon.) I have such fond memories of similarly "helping" my granny. He particularly enjoyed sampling our produce and then taking some home for Mummy and Daddy - though he also thought it would be good if they gave him another biscuit or two from their share. (I expect they did.)

Today Mr L and I went to Marks and Spencer and I fell in love with this kitchen cupboard.  It looks so convenient - all those things within reach without having to bend down or stretch up high, and then you just shut the doors and they've vanished.  I want one!

And I do love little drawers. So dinky. However, I don't have anywhere to put it without completely redoing the kitchen, which isn't going to happen any time soon.

Lovely sunny weather this afternoon but a slight frost is forecast for tonight. That's British weather for you. Different every day.

(Saturday morning: Frost? No frost at all. It's quite mild.)


  1. I haven't made cheese straws for years - not since the boys and I think they would like them. I used to glaze them with sweet chilli sauce... sounds strange but was actually quite nice. It's cold and rainy here too today - an inside day.

  2. What a fun would go very nicely in my sewing room!

  3. Just do it Isabelle! You'd only have to take out one section of kitchen cabinets -- just one little section!!! You deserve it! And Besides -- you have many more baking with Grandchildren days ahead of you -- you need to be prepared with that baking center LOL!

    ;-D Mr. L can thank me later! ;-D

  4. I love the side shelves hanging on the inside of the doors. Agree with Jennifer - it would be very useful in a sewing room!