Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Better than working

It's Mr L's birthday so we went for a morning walk at Flotterstone, just outside the city.

The gorse is such a splash of colour, though very prickly.

Broom, behind this red campion, is much kinder to the hands.

The birthday boy was trying out his fancy new camera. He does like a gadget. I'm sure he took much better photos than I did.

 But everything looked pretty - till - shock, horror -

we reached the reservoir. It looked like this (above) - while it usually looks... like that (below). Coincidentally, I seem to have taken a picture of much the same view, the last time that we walked there.

And the view above (today) is from much the same position as this one to the right (not today). They seem to be working on the dam and have allowed much of the water to drain away. Since this reservoir is where Edinburgh gets its supplies, I trust that they'll get it fixed soon!

This part was prettier - you could almost convince yourself that it was a beach. But it's usually covered in water.

There were drifts of Spanish bluebells. It's a pity that they're a pernicious weed, since they do look lovely.

 Then we had lunch at the Flotterstone Inn. Happy Birthday, Mr L!


  1. Happy birthday to Mr L., from one Taurean to another!

  2. Happy Birthday from the Kiwis you meet briefly Mr. L.

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr L. What a lovely way to celebrate and definitely better than working!

    The reservoir looks alarming, but hopefully there must be a lot of water somewhere else, after the wettest winter in years?

  4. It wasn't particularly wet here in Scotland. But yes, I think they just need to mend the dam.

  5. Following Ali's lead ... Happy Birthday (now belated, sorry) from the Americans you walked Fife with Mr Life! ;-D I hope it was a wonderful birthday -- it sure looks like it was a success. A low reservoir must be a definite surprise -- especially with as much rain as you usually get!

  6. Belated birthday greetings...and such a beautiful area to have a walk in.....truly is better than working!

  7. Belated birthday wishes to Mr L. Hope he really enjoys his new gadget :)
    It is nice to comparison photos.

  8. Happy Birthday Mr Life from Gina and Ken Down Under!

  9. Many happy returns of your day, albeit belated. And what a lovely day to return! Thanks so much for the photos and identifying information. Over here across the pond, we read books describing the beauty of Scotland, but have no idea what Broom or Gorse or heather looks like!