Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sometime(s) too hot the eye of heaven shines

Not a lot worth reporting is happening around here. I do like glass.

The children and I went to the Botanics. I reflected that the Edinburgh skyline is more striking when the trees are bare. On the other hand, it's then winter.

Today it was very hot (by Edinburgh standards). This is a pity since we're about to have Australian visitors, by which time it will undoubtedly be raining. Grandson wore a sunhat but declined to take off his jumper. "I like being warm," he said, as he ran around. He certainly must.

I'm looking forward to Granddaughter's being able to walk (it's about time) but on the other hand the children will then probably run in opposite directions, so it's nice and easy to have her in the buggy.

We did also admire the flowers. Well, I did. These are primulas of some sort. I could have read the label if Grandson had paused for longer.

Baby mallards. I know it's not a great picture but they're the little row of blobs parallel to the line of stones. They scooted about on the water, peeping away and eating invisible things. Very cute.

Spring. So nice.


  1. What lovely roses! I'm sure your Aussie visitors will have a lovely time.

  2. I like glass, too. Preferably filled with wine. *wink*

  3. I love mallards. Spotted a very content looking couple pottering around the beautiful flower display on a roundabout in the middle of Chesterfield yesterday. They looked as though they were inspecting the show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show!!