Wednesday, May 07, 2014


We looked after the grandchildren for the day to allow their parents to get ready to go down south to visit Son-in-Law 1's parents. As we so often do, we went to the Botanic Gardens, where there were lots of lovely flowers which we didn't really get a chance to look at. Grandson moves fast.

There was a heron on the duck pond. It was catching little fish, which I've never seen happening before. This seemed a bit tough on the fish but we were impressed at the speed at which the heron moved. One second it was statue-still and the next it was swallowing its lunch.

Granddaughter did her gnome impression.

Grandson visited his favourite tree, which is many-stemmed with a wide canopy sweeping the ground. "This is my house," he said, going in and out the "front door" and the "back door". "I don't have a bed in it," he said thoughtfully. Then he beamed and said, "I live at number 17, Tree." (His actual address is at number 17.)

As usual, his tractor-finding radar worked well.

By just before tea-time they had temporarily run out of steam.  (Their meal reinvigorated them.)

If you think they look exhausted, you should have seen Mr Life.


  1. Were you and Mr Life sucking your thumbs too?
    Lovely photos of a lovely day.

  2. Your grandchildren are adorable, especially the little gnome!

  3. It's considered quite all right when a small child lies down and sucks their thumb in public, but somehow it wouldn't seem quite the thing if you and/or Mr L did the same.

  4. What a lovely, if exhausting day!

    My two boys also had a "house" under a tree, in a park beside a lake where we often walked.

  5. what a post of joy and beauty (except not for the fish). thank you :-)

  6. Oh, my, I can imagine how I would feel at this point! Exhausted doesn't describe it! Lucky N! My grandson would be in 7th heaven to stand next to such a scooper, as he would probably call the behemoth in the photo.

    A lovely time had by all, I think.

  7. You are always toooo funny Isabelle! And my first thought was the same as Persiflage -- was there adult thumb sucking happening?

    The grandchildren are SO cute! And Small Grandson is brilliant -- Number 17, Tree -- that's one smart little boy. Don't you love that you have this blog to keep track of their lives? It's perfect!

  8. Anonymous8:49 am

    What a delightful post. Your picture of the Heron set against the water and leaves is excellent, but the pictures of the children lying together is even better. So good to see them enjoying life together.