Monday, March 12, 2018

Basically babies

It's quite an emotional time at the moment, what with one thing and another. We went to visit Son, Daughter-in-Law and Middle Granddaughter yesterday. Here we are playing with her on the floor. She's beginning to accept us as members of her servant tribe, which is lovely but also sad, since we won't see her again for another few weeks.

Once more she fed the ducks.

We went to the soft play centre. Here she is, seeing her Grandpa one floor below and waving to him. We were amazed and delighted - he was some distance away.

And now Littlest Granddaughter and her mum have come for a few days. She's keen to stand up (at not quite five months) - so advanced...

We've been comparing her with photos of her mum.

I think they're quite similar. I wish I were more similar than I now am to that young woman holding Daughter 2. Where did she go?

Littlest Granddaughter is very interested in her hands.

This is Daughter 2 again.

And we've been sorting photos out for a slide show after my aunt's funeral. Here she is, on the left, with my late dad and my other aunt, who alone of the three suffered from dementia for several years before she died. Such a random and awful disease and one which I do hope I haven't inherited.

And tomorrow we go to the funeral of one of my parents' best friends. Life is short.

But, on the other hand, it's frequently sweet.


  1. Anonymous8:10 am

    Thinking of you at this very emotional time and sending virtual hugs.

  2. Yes, saying goodbye (both temporarily to children and grandchildren and permanently to some of the older generation) is sad, however philosophical one tries to be about it.

    I hope you have a lively outing with GS1 and GD1 soon. They will always cheer you!! Lxx

  3. You have such adorable grandchildren! I know you realize how fortunate you are. It seems like there are so many losses and funerals these days. We are at that certain age, I guess.

  4. That baby is DARLING,

  5. All your grandchildren are smart, beautiful and full of charm! I am sorry you are having such an emotional time just now. But the sadness does get balanced with your lovely family.

  6. Ah! Look at YOU - you cutie! And A!!! She's adorable -- a little mini DD2 -- they look so much alike as babies! Everyone says our little peach looks just like her paternal Grandpa -- MUCH better to look like your MUM LOL.
    You're so lucky you get to see your babies as often as you do -- I'm having terrible withdrawal after only a few days. Only three more months and they'll be back within a 2 hour driving distance - yay!