Saturday, March 03, 2018

Come back, spring

When the snow started, I took these photos of crocuses peeping through, which I thought was rather sweet and brave of them.

Now, poor things, they've been deeply buried for a few days. I wonder if the blooms will survive?

We are surviving perfectly well, though I'm starting to get fed up with not getting much exercise. On the other hand, quilting is a pleasant and warm occupation. And we have enough to eat, thanks to fridge and freezer, long-life milk and a very local wee shop.

We keep hearing, don't we, of people who throw vast amounts of food away? Can this be true? (I realise that shops and restaurants probably do.) We have council food waste bins and most of our neighbours put them out to be collected, but we throw practically nothing away. It's partly because I'm vegetarian and so are Daughter 1 and family so we don't buy whole chickens and things which would leave carcasses, just portions of meat for the Carnivorous One. And everything else left over - well, we eat it the next day or freeze it for later or it goes into soup or gets composted for the garden. You can put almost everything into soup: broccoli stalks and cauliflower leaves (most of them) and leftover salad or vegetables. Who are these rumoured throwers-away?

Anyway. The Edinburgh family is about to arrive on buses, hooray hooray (we still can't get the car out of the driveway) so that'll destroy a bit of our peace - in a good way.


  1. It does get tiring being stuck indoors. Enjoy the grands.

  2. I'm wishing we did have at least a little lying broad beans are looking very sad, snow would have saved them

  3. My potted crocuses looked crushed beyond saving but as we have thawed today, so have they. They just need some sun to open them up but I don't think that is forthcoming in the next few days.

  4. Why isn't it going away? It's MARCH! I don't mind winter in December/January, but after that, no. Hope the crocuses survived. Have a wonderful time with the family!