Thursday, March 01, 2018

Snow days

Well, here's the thing: it's been snowing. We don't get very much snow, or any kind of extreme weather, in Edinburgh, so it comes as a big surprise to us all and things grind to a halt. This is the main road this morning, looking west...

and here it is looking east. The buses have been cancelled, the schools are closed and we're all being urged to stay at home. So, more or less, we have been doing so.

This was our street this morning - the footprints are now all filled in. There's no way we can get the car up that hill and it's the only way out.

And this was looking out of the window behind my sink this afternoon.

It's been all right for us retired folk, especially those of us with triangles to sew. I'm less stir-crazy than I'd have thought, though I do like to get out for a walk. But it's hard work, wading through deep snow. I did go to the local shop for fruit and other essentials but otherwise it's been quite pleasant, just battening down the hatches and lying low.

Well, not lying exactly. Sitting at the sewing machine and battling with fabric. The quilt top is now finished (sorry it looks so crumpled there. I should have made more effort to straighten it out). My triangles aren't all perfect but hey ho, they're good enough.

Now I'm off to organise the wadding and pin it all to the back and then at last I can spend several months quilting it. By the time I'm finished, it'll be summer and Biggest Granddaughter will have no need of a quilt but no doubt winter will roll around again shortly. Time passes so fast these days that often, when I'm undressing for bed, I feel it was hardly worth putting my clothes on that morning. But somehow making something, eg a quilt, seems to give one something to show for the passing of time. And I do love playing with fabric.


  1. YAY! You have SNOW!!! And cancelled buses! That's serious business. I love the shots of your snow - it looks so pretty. And it's fun to see those streets in a different season. Too bad the children couldn't come over so you could build a snowman.

    And YAY some more -- a finished quilt top! You're definitely hooked now -- and your triangles look great from here!

    1. We tried to build a snowman but it was the wrong sort of snow! It was so powdery that it couldn't be compacted and just disintegrated.

  2. a beautiful quilt.
    My granddaughter never sleeps under the quilt I handmade for her..she cuddles it.

    We were warned about the snow...but many didn't, or couldn't, believe

  3. It looks so peaceful with the snow.
    Nothing is better than snow and quilting. Your triangles look good and I'm impressed that you are taking on new quilt challenges. YOU ARE HOOKED! Also, please sign your quilts. Your grands will love having your signature on the back of their loved quilt. I've even put poems on the back of mine. Patty Mc

  4. That's a LOT of snow! Places that aren't prepared for it do grind to a halt. (we are in between here-many of us have 4 wheel or AWD vehicles, but we don't do well driving on our hills) It seems like you made the best of the situation by quilting and accomplishing a lot with that project. Hope the snow melts away soon!

  5. I like that, making something to show for the passing of time. Do you think a mess would count? Stay warm and cosy!

  6. Lots of snow for you! I hope your grandchildren enjoy it! We had about 8inches last night, but we're used to it. We've had more school closings this year for extreme cold than for snow. Your quilt looks quite cheerful!

  7. We left the snow in Worcestershire behind for the slush in London. Touch and go whether we'd make it but no worriesabout getting home as it's getting warmer. Thank goodness we have 4 wheel drive or we'd still be stuck at the bottom of our drive.