Friday, March 30, 2018

Doing quite well

It's spring, but frankly it's still quite chilly. Mr Life and I took a walk round the Botanics the other day and the crocuses and daffodils and rhododendrons are all blooming away, but brrr. At least it was sunny yesterday but not so today.

Today it was drizzly and windy and the tourists that the Edinburgh grandchildren and I saw today when we went to the Museum of Childhood didn't look too happy. Sorry, tourists, but you know - do your research. It's not usually this cold when April's nearly here but you know what T S Eliot said about April and he lived in England from the age of 25.

And this is Scotland: that much nearer the North Pole.

Anyway, we had a nice time at the museum and then came home and played very vigorously in our house, making it look like this by the time Mr L took them home after tea.

It's tidy now.

Grandson has been thinking a bit about death since my aunt died. He met her last summer when we all went down to Norfolk. I suppose she's the first person that he's known who's died.

Grandson [thoughtfully]: I hope you don't die before I'm an adult, Granny.
Me: I hope so too.
Grandson: It would be terrible if you died while I was still a teenager.
Me: Ok, I'll try my best not to.
Grandson [encouragingly]: You're doing quite well so far.


  1. Love your grandson's comment! Those tourists are probably not from my state. We're used to chilly and rainy this time of year. I will probably not come to visit in March though. I do prefer it a bit warmer. :)

  2. As I just said on your FB post - Keep up the good work Granny!

  3. Your grandson's comments me chuckle out loud! I was about to explain why to Rich and then reaised he's snoozing on the sofa next to me!! Not bad for 2.30 on a rainy bank holiday Saturday!!

  4. Isn't your grandson thoughtful.

  5. out of the mouths...
    very reassuring!

  6. Anonymous6:01 pm

    He is a deep thinker, is little N.

  7. He's doing the math as they say.
    (Just picked up all the cushions here. )

  8. Yes I recognise that look in the lounge.
    Like N I hope so too!

  9. What a thoughtful boy he is.