Monday, May 13, 2019


Well, on Friday something very interesting happened. A bloggy friend from Northern Ireland (her blog is "Fraise") came to visit. As always happens when I've met bloggy people, it was lovely - people are just as they sound in their blogs. She bravely came in the evening on her way from the airport, despite her friends' misgivings that I just might be a serial killer.... (ah, the non-bloggy world just doesn't understand us bloggers).

She brought some Irish shortbread. Well, who knew that the Irish made shortbread? - apart from millions of Irish people, of course. I thought it was a Scottish thing, like whisky and... oh, right. Heather? (No, remember The Lake Isle of Innisfree, with its "noon a purple glow"?) Thistles? - no one else has thistles, do they? Hmm.

She also brought this book, which she co-edited. It's the reactions of 31 women to Proverbs 31 - the one about a good wife being above rubies - and it's touching and also funny. This good wife sets the bar rather high! She gets up when it's still dark, she buys fields, she's vigorous, she trades profitably, she spins, she makes coverings for her bed, she doesn't eat the bread of idleness, her children and husband call her blessed...

She probably doesn't waste time blogging either.

The sweet thing is that M was excited to be in our sitting room, because she's seen it on the blog! She said, "I'm in the blog!" I felt like Elton John or someone.

Grandson is compiling a large poster, a sort of Key to All Transport (well, in London and Edinburgh so far). He loves the London tube (very much the opposite of his granny) and knows all about the routes and colours.

He keeps adding to it.

It's been a lot of work but he's very happy doing it.

Much like me and my patchwork. I imagine that good wife might have done a bit of that, in her thrifty way. Mine's not actually very thrifty despite the occasional bit of old shirts or spare curtain material, but I'm enjoying mindlessly sewing strips of fabric together. Who needs a mind?


  1. I laughed when you said that non-bloggers don't get it! I've met several blog friends face to face, and they've all been wonderful. From reading about their lives, I felt like I knew them better than many people I see every day! It sounds like a fun day, and I love shortbread of any kind or nationality. :)I find all subways intimidating.

  2. I've met several blog friends as well as online book discussion friends in real life, and always with great joy though in the early days my husband and son were rather suspicious of these events. In fact I am having lunch with a blogger this coming Thursday...Your meeting sounded delightful.

  3. Do the Irish have midges?
    I’ve met two bloggers, both times in public places but had absolutely no misgivings either time.

  4. Ahem. WE have thistles. They're the bane of my gardening existence. I feel about thistles like you do about snails. I'll have to take a picture of my next big crop for you -- I'm sure I have some out there as we speak. I loved M's description of being in your living room -- being in the blog is such a perfect way to describe it! You have lots of blog visitors -- I'm thinking it's time to turn the tables. When are you coming to see me? I can show you Amish people and corn fields LOL. And I'm going to retire in just over 2 years, so I'll be waiting for you!!!

  5. Hello (why do I seem to think your name is Pam? I'm sorry not to know.) - Mags visited me in Edinburgh, I'm the American friend of Thistle Cove Farm...where, yes, thistles abounded! I also make a tasty pan of shortbread and am blogging about Mags' visit to you and me on my blog, Thistle Cove Farm. I've been blessed to visit with several blog friends, two separate bloggers in Hungary and have visited Mags, twice, in Ireland. Thus far, I'm still alive and kicking! (haha)
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm, VA, USA