Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Golden days

It's good to recall lovely days. So here are some pictures of two of them. On Saturday, Mr Life, Daughter 2 and I took Littlest Granddaughter (now a big cousin!) to the Botanics.

She enjoyed running through the willow tunnels.

We enjoyed the mecanopsis. I really must try harder to grow some in my garden. I think they like more space than I ever have to offer them. That blue!!

Littlest and her mum, admiring each other.

On Sunday, I decided to buy Middle Granddaughter a big sister present of a doll and a car seat for it. And very quickly (in snatches between returning home at lunch time, then going to the supermarket and then spending 7.30 - 9.45pm at choir) I rustled up a little quilt to go with it. I mention this not because it's a thing of beauty - which it absolutely isn't - but because I would never have had the confidence to imagine that I could do this in a few spare hours without a second thought before Thimbleanna took me in (mainly online) hand and made me a quilter (of sorts). Thank you, Anna! Mind you, I wouldn't have had the required stash either. Thank you for that too, Anna. (Oops.)

Son and family have two black cats.

We took it up on Monday morning when we met Little Grandson. Middle Granddaughter was quite intrigued, at least while we were there, though I'm not sure that her idea of getting a baby to shut his eyes would actually work for her little brother.

We went for a walk in the wood with Son and Middle.

There's the River Tay with the hills beyond. (The Ochils???)

There were some genuine, non-Spanish bluebells.

Memories to treasure. Count your blessings, Granny.


  1. Anonymous1:41 am

    Oh, yes!

  2. And THAT is why we quilt! I'm so excited that you love it. That little doll quilt is adorable -- I'll bet middle granddaughter will have many years of fun using it. The mecanopsis is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen it before -- and I certainly have never heard of it by that name. I would love to have it in my garden though -- the BLUE!!!

  3. Well done with the doll quilt...great idea for a new big sister. The blue of those blooms is so unusual in a flower.Wow!( they won't grow here )

  4. LOVE the black cat quilt! As you know, I have a black cat too. Blue flowers are among my favorites and I see blue poppies. (Himalayan poppies?) What wonderful pictures you take, so full of joy!

  5. This quilt is great! It is such a good choice for a child. I am sure she will love playing with it and the doll and car seat and think of you when she does...I'm a tiny bit jealous that you have such young grandchildren while my youngest just finished second grade! You are lucky to have such gorgeous blue poppies to enjoy!