Saturday, March 28, 2020

Lockdown week 1 - Wednesday

I thought to myself the other day: maybe I'll post every day during the virus lockdown, as a record to myself of how we actually passed the time. Not that I find it remotely difficult to pass the time. I have so much to do - making quilts, finishing the far-from-finished archive-sorting, gardening, writing various things. Anyway, I went to my computer to write a post and... Blogger had done something funny. It claimed that I didn't have a blog - would I like to start a new one? I couldn't get on to my dashboard to post. I had no idea what to do (I'm not good with computers if they do anything non-standard) and neither did Mr Life, who is good with computers but knows nothing about Blogger and its mysterious ways.

But - my hero came galloping over the hill in the shape of Son-in-Law 1. Today he kindly gained access to my computer from his house on the other side of Edinburgh (with my permission, of course, but it's rather spooky - this is how people nick one's millions by fraud. Fortunately - or perhaps unfortunately - we don't have millions; and SIL 1 wouldn't steal them anyway). And he sorted it!! Thank you so much, dear SIL 1.

It's not that the loss of my blog was the world's most important problem. But I like blogging.

Three days ago, the 25th of March, we walked up the hill again. I took pictures of spring - that  blossom, those daffodils.

This is a rather splendid gateway which presumably belonged to the big house whose owners owned the hill .... not really sure about the history. Now it just stands there on an earth path, hinting at past glories.

Wild garlic. You can smell it already, even though it's not flowering yet.

This hairy antelope-type beastie refused to turn to face me. No zebras were visible that day.

And then - back down to the main road, which is much quieter than usual, though by no means quiet.

I took some photos in the garden. These are my beautiful daffodils the day before two days of constant light drizzle, which weighed them down with rain so that slugs were easily able to nibble them. I was not pleased.

Polyanthus and hyacinths.

Still, never mind. It's spring. The daffodils will come again next year. I hope by then that we'll be a) alive and b) able to see our family again. I miss them a lot.


  1. I'm so glad that SIL 1 got the blog going again. It's been my lifeline lately. Like you, I'd like to get down in writing what I'm doing(not much) and how I'm feeling. It's important for me to get it all out! Your flowers are beautiful, although I AM on Team Tulip. Soon, I hope, I'll be posting photos of my lovelies. I am definitely grieving the loss of my trip to New York in May, and feeling very cheated. But I need to look ahead and hope for better times. xo

  2. You always have such beautiful scenery to show on your walks and so many different things. A Zebra and daffodils, I look forward to what comes next.

    1. I tried to comment on your blog yesterday, but it didn't work. Sorry.

  3. Ah Spring flowers . I wonder if this will be over by then ( our Spring)
    I miss littlest Grandson particularly cause he is so little and might forget his Nanny. Bigger Grandson can talk to us and knows we are just over here on the other side of the city.

  4. How wonderful your sil 1 was able to fix your computer problem. I really enjoy reading your blog! What beautiful flowers! My daffodils are now beautiful even though we had such a deluge of a day, with even a bit of hail! Spring is on its way and brings hope with it. May you and all your family be well and stay safe!

  5. Your daffodils are just beautiful. We have some of those pretty pale lemon ones too. We are also in the third weekend of isolation so I think my blog may be resurrected very soon. Something positive to do while all the village clubs and meetings with friends and family have shut down.
    Best wishes to you and Mr Life. DWx

  6. Thank you for all the cheerful photos and posts - stay safe!