Monday, March 30, 2020

Lockdown week 2 - Monday

We did some gardening this morning - Mr L isn't a frequent gardener but he attacked the ivy - a constant battle. After this we felt the need of one of these, as illustrated in a Sunday supplement yesterday.

It's a fountain of youth, as painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1546. You go in the left hand side, ancient, wrinkly and worn-out, and come out on the right, rejuvenated and full of oomph. I've requested this water feature for our garden.

We decided to go for a slightly shorter walk today (because of the gardening). Here are the Pentland Hills again, whither I frequently raise up mine eyes.

Oh, how springy it is - this is not my garden.

We've very often walked round the outside of this public golf course but this time we walked over it - because as far as we know, it's closed to golfers. It's not so scenic but is spacious and pleasant for a walk. Above are the Pentlands again.

It looks easier to hit balls round than Murrayfield, where we were yesterday. Much flatter.

This is looking back at where we were yesterday. The trees are just coming into leaf. I wonder what they'll be like once we're out of lockdown....

Arthur's Seat again, maybe looking a bit more like a sleeping lion from this angle.

Almond (?) blossom.

Magnolia stellata, just coming out.

And a nice pot of pansies outside our front door.

Daughter 2 didn't have such a good day yesterday. Two-year-olds, while enchanting, are also exhausting. She sent us this sample of conversation:

"Mummy build a mountain. NO NOT DAT MOUNTAIN. I not want it wit cushions. Build it wit blankets. NO NOT DAT BLANKET! Blanket wit [t]winkle stars. No no no no. Not dat way. De udder way. NO NO NO de udder udder way!! No no I no want it!!"

[Daughter 2 builds mountain.]

"I take all cloves off. Slide down mountain on tummy. NO MUMMY!!! I don't want it hold your hand. I want to do it ALL MYSELF."

Which she does, and bumps her head.


She's usually lovely!


  1. Sometimes kids and parents have too much togetherness. :) That's what I'm reading on Facebook from many of my colleagues anyway. What a gorgeous walk with much flower appreciation along the way! I live in a very green place, thus I love the greenness of Scotland.

  2. Makes me a bit pleased I am not locked down with young children. I do wish I had a cat for company though.

  3. Two of my daughters have young children and are, for the moment, reasonably sane.
    Isn't it lovely to see the sun?

  4. More like a sleeping elephant I think.