Sunday, December 20, 2020

Further Covid developments and lots of walks

Our mainly eventless days are always broken up by a walk. We're lucky in having a choice of pleasant places to go. Sometimes we just walk locally - 

for example, along the path by the golf course. 

On Thursday we walked down to the river

and along its banks

till we got to the (lots of) steps up to the Gallery of Modern Art, 

where we paused to catch our breath and take a photo of the Landform before heading home via the roads. 

Today we met the Edinburgh family in Leith, 

walked along the river in the other direction

admired swans and ducks

and this tree, whose lichen was actually shining green in the sunlight (not that it looks it here)

and back to the Shore area, where we were planning to visit Mimi's Bakehouse, but alas it was full. 

However, the day was saved when we tried an ice cream shop, which provided crepes, coffees and churros - which were deemed a satisfactory substitute. 

Daughter 1 and Big Grandson also had a nice cuddle. It was dark by then: sunset was at 3.40pm. Tomorrow is the shortest day and then - upward towards spring. 

Which is just as well in the circumstances. The virus has mutated or perhaps just changed a bit into something which seems to be much more readily transmitted, so the numbers have spiked dramatically and we're back into virtual lockdown apart from Christmas Day, when there's a slight amnesty. I'm not sure that the virus has agreed to this temporary cessation of hostilities. 

As you can see, The Sunday Times is taking the situation calmly. 

Poor Daughter 2 has had a particularly rotten year, both health-wise and lockdown-wise (trying to work with a toddler to entertain because the nursery was closed for months). She must have been in the vicinity of someone who tested positive a couple of weeks ago, because the Track and Trace app sent her a text to say that she had to self-isolate for ten days. Then, on the day of her release, the nursery let her know that Littlest Granddaughter's nursery teacher had tested positive, so LG has to isolate for ten days also (so her parents don't feel they can go anywhere either). Now there's lockdown anyway, which makes it even worse. But if the virus is now going round the nursery... it doesn't bode well for Daughter 2 and her husband being able to work at home (and that's if none of them comes down with it). LG is very sweet but not exactly able to amuse herself for hours on end. Or, she likes an audience. Not to say staff. 

Look at her, though. So thrilled by the arrival of a new book. How we miss her. 


  1. Oh my! I do feel sorry for those living in conjested areas where the transmission is so much higher! I know how difficult it is to work with little ones around underfoot - that is why I am Daycare Granny! SO glad I moved closer to my grands when I did! I had them the week of Dec 8-11, but not because of exposure; rather because their Mum had a family emergency and had to be out of town. THEN as soon as I was free the end of that week, I came down with a NASTY germ and have been down ever since. My Covid test was negative, so it must be an elusive 'flu virus not covered by the vaccine that I had. :-( It might be an even more quiet Christmas than we planned...

  2. It is a sanity saver to be able to take walks. It looks like your weather is much nicer than ours. I love that reflection in the water. Poor Daughter 2 and family. As if 2020 hadn't already been trying in the extreme!

  3. UK is having a bad time. Rather scary. Thinking of you all and Wishing You the Beat allowable Christmas you can have.

  4. Yes, walks are my salvation this year! I finally have my daughter(25) with me for a few weeks so we are savoring our walks even at 20F (-7C). Reading how you are handling this pandemic helps me get through it too. Thanks and as merry a Christmas as you can be blessed with!

  5. Isn't Littlest just gorgeous! That smile, it's delicious. You have had a ghastly year. Well, it hasn't been great for any of us, but the UK has really done it tough and I feel for you. Let's hope that the promised vaccine will bring an improvement, and that by the next Christmas we will all be celebrating with our families.

  6. Hi Pam, I am making one of my blog runs (not often enough) and catching up with you is always a pleasure. Very sad time for the U.K., makes me so glad to be living in Australia. I hope you had a happy Christmas Day as much as you can under the circumstances.

  7. This virus is getting very annoying. Is there an end in sight? I loved when you said LG likes an audience -- oh, how we can relate! She's just darling though -- and wonderful that she loves books!

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