Saturday, March 06, 2021

Covid and Rosslyn

Today was so beautiful that we decided to go slightly further away and visit Roslin, not far outside Edinburgh. 

This is the notice outside what was once the Rosslyn Inn but is now a private house (below). It was built about 1660 and was visited, according to the notice, by Samuel Johnson and Edward VIII - though not at the same time. The plaque says it was given by an Australian lady whose father had been curator of Rosslyn Chapel. I wonder if she missed her home land. 

Rosslyn Chapel was built in the 1400s as a family chapel and is very intricately carved inside - well worth visiting, though currently closed because of Covid. The last time we were there must have been pre-The Da Vinci code, so probably 15 years ago or more. At that point, the chapel was surrounded by scaffolding and had a plastic roof over its original roof because it was slowly being repaired. The Da Vinci Code featured the Chapel (I haven't read it, though Mr L did and thought it was somewhat piffly) and since then it's been a fairly major tourist attraction - hence the building of this entrance way or perhaps exit way/exhibition hall - not sure. So the Chapel's now all mended. Which is good.

We walked past it and 

I stuck my camera through the fence. It doesn't look all that special from outside but it's very fancy indeed inside. 

It was refreshing to look into the distance - these are the Pentland Hills, which we can see from near our house, but from a different angle. 

And then we went down and walked along the river. Water babbled. Birds sang.

It was very peaceful. 

It did the soul good.



  1. What a beautiful place! My dad grew up in Roslyn; I wonder if they dropped the s when they named the town. I don't know what piffly means, but if it's a negative, I'll agree with Mr. L on that that. A bunch of overwritten hogwash with car chases on every other page.

  2. To my shame I've only seen the chapel on the piffling movie, sorry! I'm glad you got your soul out under that wide blue sky. This is what we need. I heard tonight that Nicola is relaxing some of your restrictions on Friday - will that help you much? I do hope so. So near and maybe still a wee bit far x

  3. Lovely walk, great photos.

  4. Ah, that spot beside the river. I remember that as one of my favourite peaceful places. I last visited Roslyn about as many years ago as you, when the chapel was all scaffoldy. Unfortunately, all the tourists put me off going inside, though I preferred the lovely surrounds anyway. Your photos are just lovely.

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