Monday, March 29, 2021

Covid impatience

This is what our sitting room looks like when Big Grandson is visiting. We have far too much Brio and not enough cupboards to put it in, but he does love it. What will we do with it when he's grown out of it?? Give it away, you'd think, but he says we need to keep it for ever. Hmm. 

Going to the Botanics always makes me happy, and spring is probably the best season for it - there are so many rhododendrons. The spring bulbs are heart-lifting too, like these daffodils in front of the blow-up golden monkey, which was being buffeted about today in a stiff breeze as it clung to Inverleith House . 

But I mean...

who could fail to be cheered by

rhododendrons - even if, to my eye, these colours don't really go?

My photo doesn't nearly do justice to the huge flowers of this beautiful magnolia. 

So white. So perfect. So frilly. 

And the daffodils

and the, umm, can't quite think what these are, but pink. Primula of some sort? 

And more daffodils, certainly fluttering and dancing in today's wind. 

But it's now March 29 and when I think about this, I panic a bit because I feel we're just putting in the time and we don't have time to spare! The months fly past with nothing to show for them and no visits from our beloved distant young people - and frankly, the only consolation for getting old is seeing the young ones develop. Well, that and having time to go for nice walks, which is also a great good fortune. Count your blessings, count your blessings. 

So we came home and I put the final borders on the ridiculously pastel quilt, which at least gives me the illusion of achievement. Luckily I have just enough wadding and just enough backing fabric and material for the binding to do me until the next quilt - no idea what that will be. But I hope the shops will be open by then. 



  1. Your pandemic pastel quilt is beautiful! Neat and orderly on the outside surrounding the unpredictable chaos within. We will get through this as vaccination keeps ramping up. Hopefully by summer things will be approaching normal again.

    1. Oh, how kind! Yes, roll on the summer... I think. Surely??

  2. I love the pastel quilt(it's very serene) and the Botanics in bloom. We're not there yet except with daffodils. I know what you mean about missing out; my heart aches to spend time with my sweet grandson. I waited so long for him.

  3. I agree with Big Grandson, you must never sell or give away the Brio. There is so much of it but I'm sure you can find somewhere to store it. Big Grandson might need it for his own children one day.
    I love the displays of daffodils and wish they grew so readily here.

  4. I just love your serene, pastel scrappy quilt! Might some of those potted colour be petunia? Certainly the colours of Rhodo are cheering. And cheering is needed, isn't it. I agree with Biggest Grandson - Brio never goes out of fashion, we're on our second generation of it - and of Duplo, Playmobil and various board games. And Snakes and ladders is on its third generation, and still much loved.

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